Finally, the Chargers are in first place again. 

According to Spotrac, the Chargers owe $21,840,169 to players who no longer reside on their roster. That's the highest "dead cap" figure in the NFL, edging out theBaltimore Ravens, who owe just under $19 million in dead cap. So no, being first in this particular category isn't a good thing.

Take a look at the entire list, which For The Win assembled:

  1. Chargers: $21.84M
  2. Ravens: $18.87M
  3. Jets: $17.32M
  4. Saints: $16.25M
  5. Cowboys: $16.25M
  6. Eagles: $14M
  7. 49ers: $13.43M
  8. Browns: $11.47M
  9. Redskins: $9.78M
  10. Texans: $9.44M
  11. Colts: $8.62M
  12. Chiefs: $8.59M
  13. Dolphins: $8.2M
  14. Bills: $7.92M
  15. Steelers: $6.36M
  16. Rams: $5.71M
  17. Titans: $4.83M
  18. Falcons: $4.57M
  19. Vikings: $4.47
  20. Jaguars: $4.39M
  21. Packers: $4.27
  22. Lions: $3.94M
  23. Bears: $3.8M
  24. Giants: 3.09M
  25. Cardinals: $2.94M
  26. Panthers: $1.98M
  27. Patriots: $1.55M
  28. Buccaneers: $865K
  29. Seahawks: $827K
  30. Bengals: $333K
  31. Broncos: $72K
  32. Raiders: $55K

The reason why the Chargers owe nearly $22 million? They're paying two offensive linemen -- Orlando Franklin and King Dunlap -- a combined $11,550,000 in 2017. Throw in the $4 million they owe cornerback Brandon Flowers and the $1 million they owe receiver Stevie Johnson and you can understand why their dead cap is so high. Meanwhile, the Ravens owe at least $2 million to each of the following players: Eugene Monroe, Dennis Pitta, Shareece Wright, Elvis Dumervil, Jeremy Zuttah and Lardarius Webb.

But enough about the teams on the wrong end of that list. Let's take a moment to praise the Raiders, who have completed a stunning salary cap turnaround.

The Raiders owe just $55,000 in dead cap. As our Joel Corry noted a few years ago, the Raiders had more than $55 million in dead money during the 2013 season. So, general manager Reggie McKenzie has managed to go from $55 million in dead cap to $55 thousand in just four years. That's incredible. The Chargers should probably pay attention to the team up north. 

Once again, NorCal defeats SoCal. 

Disclaimer: I live in Oakland.