The Kansas City Chiefs have a chance to do something on Super Bowl Sunday that no AFC team in NFL history has ever accomplished: They could beat an NFC team twice in one season. 

As crazy as that sounds, no team from the AFC has ever pulled off a two-game sweep against an NFC team in the Super Bowl era. To pull off the sweep, the AFC team would have to win a regular-season game and then also win a rematch in the Super Bowl. The Chiefs are halfway there after beating the Buccaneers 27-24 during the regular season. This year's Super Bowl will mark the fifth time in NFL history that an AFC team has gone for the sweep, and AFC teams have gone 0-4 in the previous four attempts at a sweep. 

Here's a look at what happened on the previous four occasions where an AFC team won during the regular season. 

1990 (Bills vs. Giants)

Regular season: In Week 15 of the 1990 season, the Bills and Giants played a thriller. Although the Giants shut down Buffalo's high-powered offense in this game, the Bills were still able to escape Giants Stadium with a 17-13 win. 

Super Bowl XXV: The Bills had a chance to pull off the two-game sweep in Super Bowl XXV, but the Giants ended up winning 20-19 after Scott Norwood missed one of the most dramatic field goals in Super Bowl history from 47 yards away. 

1993 (Bills vs. Cowboys)

Regular season: In Week 2 of 1993, Buffalo beat Dallas 13-10. However one notable aspect of that game was that Emmitt Smith had been holding out for a new contract, so he didn't play.

Super Bowl XXVIII: After losing three straight Super Bowls, the Bills probably felt pretty good about their chances of finally getting a win in Super Bowl XXVIII and that's because they were playing a Cowboys team that they beat during the regular season. However, unlike the first game, the Cowboys actually had Smith on the field for this game. As a matter of fact, not only was Smith on the field for the Super Bowl, but he won the game's MVP award after rushing for 132 yards and two touchdowns in the Cowboys' 30-13 win. 

1999 (Titans vs. Rams)

Regular season: Although the Rams were nearly unbeatable during the regular season, they did lose to the Titans in 1999. During Week 8 of the regular season, an undefeated Rams team (6-0) went into Nashville and got handed their first loss of the season in a 24-21 game. Although the final score was close, the Titans actually led 21-0 at one point in their win. 

Super Bowl XXXIV: Unfortunately for the Titans, things played out slightly differently in the Super Bowl with the Rams jumping out to a 16-0 lead before hanging on for dear life in a 23-16 win. Super Bowl XXXIV is mostly remembered for Kevin Dyson coming up 1 yard short of the end zone on the game's final play. 

2007 (Patriots vs. Giants)

Regular season: Of all the AFC teams that almost pulled off a sweep, the most surprising team to lose in the Super Bowl was the 16-0 Patriots in 2007. To clinch an undefeated record, the Patriots had to face the Giants in Week 17 and although New York had nothing to play for, coach Tom Coughlin still decided to play his starters. In one of the most thrilling games of the season, the Patriots got to 16-0 by beating the Giants 38-35.

Super Bowl XLII: The Giants' tight game against the Patriots in Week 17 probably gave them some confidence going into the Super Bowl. Despite being a 14-point underdog, the Giants were able to pull off the upset in a 17-14 win. To this day, the helmet catch is still a sensitive topic in New England. 

Those are the only four AFC teams that have had a chance to beat an NFC team twice in one season and all four of those teams lost. On the other hand, NFC teams are 6-3 when going for a season sweep of an AFC team. 

Overall, there have been a total of 13 Super Bowls that were a rematch of a regular-season game and the team that won the first meeting has gone 6-7 in the Super Bowl. If the Chiefs, who are favored by three points, can pull out the win, they'll be the first AFC team to ever pull off a two-game sweep.