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The 2023 NFL trade deadline is finally here. All 32 teams have until 4 p.m. ET on Halloween to strike a deal, and plenty of them will be looking to buy or sell. Few have worked together more often than the Eagles and Patriots, who agreed to nine different trades between 2009-2019, and few are more primed to work together again, with Philadelphia (5-1) a candidate to add help for the stretch run and New England (1-5) potentially set to unload talent for future resources.

With that in mind, we decided to play general manager for five different trade proposals ahead of the 2023 deadline.

Resident Eagles expert Cody Benjamin is Howie Roseman in this scenario, while resident Patriots expert Tyler Sullivan plays Bill Belichick. Can they strike a couple deals, including a three-way blockbuster? Let's go right to their negotiations:

Benjamin: The Eagles could use help in the secondary, where they've lost multiple starters to injury, including cornerback Avonte Maddox and safeties Reed Blankenship and Justin Evans, with first-team outside corners Darius Slay and James Bradberry both missing time as well. I've got two offers to start -- one for a familiar face and another for more of a true upgrade at safety.

Trade offer 1:

  • Eagles get: S Kyle Dugger
  • Patriots get: 2025 third-round pick

Trade offer 2:

  • Eagles get: DB Jalen Mills
  • Patriots get: 2024 sixth-round pick

Sullivan: These do make sense, both with the players going out and the compensation. Dugger is in the final year of his deal and you'd think that New England would have locked him up prior to this season if it was looking to keep him long term. While they'll have plenty of cap space to possibly retain Dugger this offseason, the Patriots may have already drafted his replacement in the third round in Marte Mapu, who projects to have a similar profile within this defense. I think a third is fair considering that it could simply be a rental for this year. Mills seems unhappy with his role in the Pats secondary, so a return to Philadelphia could make sense for both sides. Recouping a sixth-rounder after spending one in 2025 to acquire J.C. Jackson also restocks the cupboard.

VERDICT: Both offers acceptable!

Benjamin: Any other veterans you're looking to sell? How about offensive linemen who could provide the Eagles depth? Trent Brown is probably too big a name, but they could possibly use OT/OG insurance for the stretch run.

Sullivan: For the safety of Jalen Hurts, you don't want anyone on the Pats O-line.

Benjamin: Fair point.

Sullivan: This doesn't work for our trade-deadline parameters, but if Jason Kelce retires this offseason, I do wonder if a David Andrews trade would make sense. He's been a key leader/team captain but maybe with a hard reset coming they'd move him.

Benjamin: That one I could see, but as you said, it works more for the offseason. How about DB Jabrill Peppers?

Sullivan: I think Adrian Phillips is more realistic if you're looking for safety help. He's been solid for the Pats in the past but hasn't really played for whatever reason this season.

Trade offer:

  • Eagles get: S Adrian Phillips
  • Patriots get: 2024 sixth-round pick

VERDICT: Offer acceptable!

Benjamin: OK, time to get spicy. While the safety trades are fairly straightforward, how about a blockbuster? There aren't many other spots on the Patriots roster worth purging, so it's time for ... a three-way trade!

Trade offer:

  • Raiders get: QB Mac Jones, 2024 Eagles sixth-rounder
  • Patriots get: QB Brian Hoyer, 2024 Raiders fourth-rounder, 2024 Eagles fifth-rounder, 2024 Raiders sixth-rounder
  • Eagles get: S Kyle Dugger

Sullivan: I do think the Patriots would be open to moving Jones, but they would probably hold out for a third. Hoyer makes sense on paper, but he kind of trashed Belichick a while back so I'm not sure if they'd want him back.

VERDICT: Offer rejected!

Benjamin: Would Jimmy Garoppolo move the needle for you instead? A little reunion with Belichick to salvage the season? The problem there is the money, although you could cut him after the year.

Sullivan: I'd hope they'd just reset at QB if they are moving off Jones. Maybe something with Denver and Jerry Jeudy?

Benjamin: Say no more!

Trade offer:

  • Broncos get: RB/WR Ty Montgomery, 2024 Eagles second-rounder, 2024 Patriots second-rounder
  • Eagles get: S Justin Simmons, 2025 Patriots seventh-rounder
  • Patriots get: WR Jerry Jeudy, 2024 Broncos fifth-rounder

Benjamin: Montgomery reunites with Sean Payton just for fun. The Broncos get a pair of twos for their veteran starters. The Eagles get a safety upgrade for just under the price of a two. And the Patriots get a long-term WR for just under the price of a two.

Sullivan: Yes. I like it. No matter what the Patriots do at QB, they need a dynamic WR and I'd rather them get someone that's somewhat established in the league rather drafting someone, given their history.

VERDICT: Offer acceptable!

Benjamin: Well would you look at that? We just made some trades, didn't we?

Sullivan: Yes. Yes we did. Now it's up to the real GMs. Bill? Howie? Take it away.