Punters are people too. And some of them are pretty entertaining athletes. Former Colts punter Pat McAfee used to have the best celebration of any punter. Raiders punter Marquette King is a national treasure.

But don't sleep on Bengals punter Kevin Huber, who flashed some Jason Williams (the White Chocolate version) style skills against the Redskins on Sunday during a blown play that almost resulted in the greatest not-fake, fake punt of all time.

Huber took a snap and immediately had a Redskins defender come flying through the line of scrimmage to try to block his kick and he went YOOOOOOINK.

The physical ability here is pretty stunning: Huber is about to get blasted and is trying to focus on punting the ball. Instead he manages to wheel that ball around his back in full And-1 fashion.  

People were pretty impressed. 

And it's even going to land Huber on a popular podcast!

Huber's essentially accomplished the impossible: a punter going viral in the preseason for something physically impressive. He ended up getting tackled on the play, but it's a lot better than a punt block and a possible return TD for the Redskins.