Las Vegas Raiders Introduce Jimmy Garoppolo
Ethan Miller / Getty Images

The Las Vegas Raiders might want to start putting together a handy list of all the available quarterbacks out there, because there seems to be a chance that they might need to add a QB before the start of the season. 

Their current starting quarterback is Jimmy Garoppolo, but there's no guarantee he's going to be ready to play in 2023. When Garoppolo signed with the team in March, he technically failed his physical due to an injured left foot, but the Raiders gave him an injury waiver and signed him anyway

As noted by PFT, the two sides added an addendum to Garoppolo's contract that allows the Raiders to cut him at NO COST if he can't pass a physical. On the other hand, if he does pass a physical, Garoppolo will still need to play in at least one game without re-injuring his foot before the rest of his $22.5 million salary for 2023 becomes guaranteed. 

Garoppolo, who underwent surgery in March, originally injured the foot while playing for the 49ers in Week 15 (Dec. 4) last season and almost six months later, the injury is still lingering. 

Garoppolo's injury isn't a huge issue for the Raiders right now, but if we get to late July or early August and he's still not on the field, then it becomes a problem. If the Raiders have to look into adding another QB, there aren't many options in free agency, but there is ONE GUY. 

Here's a short list of QB options the Raiders could look starting with Tom Brady

  • Tom Brady. The seven-time Super Bowl winner is in the process of buying a piece of the Raiders, which could actually complicate things if he wants to return to the NFL. If Brady becomes an owner, he'd need the other owners to approve him as a player before he could suit up (He'd need 24 total votes to be approved). Also, there has been a report that the owners might include a stipulation in Brady's purchase that would forbid him from playing as long as he owned a stake in the the team. This essentially means that if Brady gets approved as a part owner, it will become very difficult for him to play for the Raiders. However, he hasn't been approved yet and he could simply drop out of the purchase if he was serious about playing another season. Also, let's not forget that Brady actually WANTED to play for the Raiders at one point. Back in 2020, Brady to Vegas was apparently a done deal, but then Jon Gruden decided at the last second that he didn't want to go through with adding Brady. 
  • Carson Wentz. If the Raiders can't land Brady, they could turn to Carson Wentz. The former Eagles QB hasn't been great over the past few years, but if you're in the month of August with no quarterback, he becomes an enticing option. However, the Raiders could shy away from Wentz because, like Garoppolo, he has a long history of injuries, including last season when he missed multiple games due to a broken finger. If Wentz plays in 2023, he'll be on his fourth team in four years.
  • Matt Ryan. The former NFL MVP is now working with us here at CBS Sports and although he's not retired, the Raiders would probably have to make an extremely generous contract offer to lure him back to the NFL. 
  • Teddy BridgewaterThe former first-round pick has already spent one season in the AFC West (2021 with Denver) and he'd likely jump at the chance to do it again if the Raiders came calling.
  • Make a trade. If the Raiders can't find a QB they like in free agency, they could look to make a trade for one. The Panthers might be willing to part ways with Andy Dalton once Bryce Young officially wins the starting job. Also, the Raiders could call the Commanders about possibly making a deal for Jacoby Brissett, who spent his rookie season in 2016 with Raiders coach Josh McDaniels while both were in New England. 

The Raiders do have three other quarterbacks on their roster right now in Brian Hoyer, Chase Garbers and rookie Aidan O'Connell, but it's highly unlikely they'd feel comfortable going into the season with one of those three guys as their starter. 

The Raiders probably wouldn't start calling around for a quarterback until July and that's only if Garoppolo's foot isn't healing as fast as it should, but this will definitely be something to keep an eye on.