Nobody has thrown more interceptions this season than the 10 by Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton. (AP)

Bengals QB Andy Dalton built his reputation on accuracy and keeping his team in games by rarely turning it over. He finished his rookie year with 20 touchdown passes to just 13 interceptions.

Through seven games in 2012, he's thrown 10 interceptions, with at least one in every game. No quarterback has thrown more interceptions. Only Philip Rivers and Matt Cassel surpass his interception percentage rate of 4.1.

“It's unacceptable,” Dalton said. “It's been crazy that things happen like this, but I can't do it."

Many have been crazy. Much like Sunday's improbable bounce off the helmet of an offensive lineman and into the arms of Pittsburgh's LaMarr Woodley, many have been unlucky or the fault of someone else. Here we take a look at all 10 interceptions -- who was ultimately responsible, how much involved bad luck and how much blame lies with the quarterback:

Interception No. 1

Week 1: Baltimore 44, Cincinnati 13

Situation: Third-and-9, Bengals 21-yard line 
Score: Ravens 27, Bengals 13
What happened: Dalton threw an 8-yard pass under heavy pressure. The pass came out high off the fingertips of TE Jermaine Gresham and directly into the arms of Ed Reed, who returned it 34 yards for a touchdown.
Points off: 7
Bad luck: None
Who was responsible: Combination of a Dalton overthrow and Gresham's route depth. Not totally on Dalton, but an accurate throw would have avoided it.

Interception No. 2

Week 2: Cincinnati 34, Cleveland 27
Situation: Third-and-9, Bengals 35-yard line  
Score: Bengals 24, Browns 10
What happened: Dalton eyed A.J. Green crossing 15 yards down the field but despite room to step up in the pocket, threw it behind him. Nearly picked off by the corner, LB D'Qwell Jackson snatched the tipped pass.
Points off: 7
Bad luck: None
Who was responsible: This one falls on Dalton, who threw the ball 2 yards behind Green.

Interception No. 3

Week 3: Cincinnati 38, Washington 31
Situation: Second-and-9, Bengals 2-yard line
Score: Bengals 7, Redskins 0
What happened: Dalton dropped back and went to dump off to BenJarvus Green-Ellis, but his arm was hit at the end of the throw and the ball fell short of Green-Ellis. Ryan Kerrigan scooped it up and rolled into the end zone for a pick-6.
Points off: 7
Bad luck: Partially -- Dalton was attempting to throw it away.
Who was responsible: Offensive coordinator Jay Gruden took full responsibility, calling it one of the worst calls he had ever made.

Interception No. 4

Week 4: Cincinnati 27, Jacksonville 10
Situation: Second-and-7, Bengals 23-yard line  
Score: Bengals 0, Jaguars 0
What happened: Dalton was bumped back by pressure and attempted to throw a quick dump off to fullback Chris Pressley. It was thrown a little too fast and off target; Pressley tipped it up into the air and it was intercepted by a Jacksonville linebacker.
Points allowed: 0, Kyle Bosworth fumbled the ball as he approached the goal line and Cincinnati recovered.
Bad luck: None
Who was responsible: This one is on Dalton. The throw came in inaccurately and was forced against pressure. Pressley didn't have much of a shot at a reception.

Interception No. 5

Week 5: Miami 17, Cincinnati 13
Situation: Third-and-4, Bengals 42-yard line  
Score: Dolphins 7, Bengals 6
What happened: Dalton threw a bullet for WR Andrew Hawkins, but DL Duane Starks lept up and picked it right out of the air. An unbelievable play by the lineman whom Dalton couldn't see when he released it.  
Points allowed: 7
Bad luck: Yes. Starks makes that play one in 20 times.
Who was responsible: Technically Dalton is responsible, but nobody will blame him for that throw.

Interception No. 6

Week 5: Miami 17, Cincinnati 13
Situation: Second-and-20, Bengals 23-yard line  
Score: Dolphins 17, Bengals 13
What happened: Driving for the go-ahead touchdown in the final minutes, Dalton was forced to take a chance after an early holding penalty and overthrew Hawkins. The pass was picked off by the waiting safety.  
Points allowed: 0, Miami took a knee to salt away the remaining time.
Bad luck: None
Who was responsible: Dalton takes the fall here. It was an extremely tough throw and a tough situation, but it was inaccurate.

Interception No. 7

Week 6: Cleveland 34, Cincinnati 24
Situation: Third-and-7, Bengals 24-yard line
Score: Bengals 14, Browns 7
What happened: Flushed out of the pocket, Dalton rolled right and spotted A.J. Green 10 yards down the field. He threw it on target and the DB held Green's hand down. No call was made and the ball went into the arms of a waiting CB Joe Haden for the pick.
Points allowed: 3
Bad luck: Yes
Who was responsible: Dalton caught a tough break. The pass was accurate, but the missed holding call allowed the ball to reach the level behind Green.

Interception No. 8

Week 6: Cleveland 34, Cincinnati 24
Situation: First-and-10, Bengals 12-yard line
Score: Browns 27, Bengals 17
What happened: Dalton stepped back on a quick slant and threw it on target, but WR Brandon Tate slowed and didn't finish his route. Meanwhile, CB Sheldon Brown stepped in front and ran it in for a pick-6.
Points allowed: 7
Bad luck: None
Who was responsible: This one falls on Tate, who gave up on his route. Had he kept going, it would probably have been just an incompletion.

Interception No. 9

Week 6: Cleveland 34, Cincinnati 24
Situation: Second-and-10, midfield
Score: Browns 34, Bengals 24
What happened: This play didn't matter with 15 seconds left, so Dalton launched it for Green in the end zone and it was picked off.
Points allowed: 0
Bad luck: Yes
Who was responsible: The Bengals were. This doesn’t fall on Dalton. The play was insignificant, and he was just throwing it up for grabs.

Interception No. 10

Week 7: Pittsburgh 24, Cincinnati 17
Situation: First-and-10, Bengals 45-yard line
Score: Bengals 14, Steelers 6
What happened: Dalton went to throw to WR Ryan Whalen crossing the middle but pulled back when he saw a DB jumping the route. He couldn't hold his grip and the ball bounced off the helmet of OL Kevin Zeitler and directly into the arms of LaMarr Woodley.
Points allowed: 8
Bad luck: Yes. Has a ball ever bounced quite like that before?
Who was responsible: Sure, Dalton lost the ball, but 99 times out of 100 it falls harmlessly at the feet of the linemen. Hard to hang that on him.

What was learned:

  • All of Dalton's interceptions this season have come in the Bengals' own end. Clearly, he's taking better care of the ball when points are at stake, but perhaps a more conservative approach while driving is necessary.
  • That's 46 of Cincinnati's 187 points allowed this season coming from Dalton interceptions. When the Bengals have been outscored by only 21 points this year and two defeats came by one possession, hard not to see the direct correlation between interceptions and wins and losses.
  • Of the 10 interceptions, only four were directly his fault. While the blame is typically aimed at Dalton, his receivers and misfortune were responsible most of the time.

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