Oklahoma will start Austin Kendall, not Kyler Murray, at quarterback for Saturday's game against Baylor. While the move has not yet been confirmed by the Sooners, Kendall's mother, Kimberly, posted that the redshirt sophomore would be making his first career start.

Rumors began circulating Friday evening that Murray would not start against the Bears for what is being chalked up to a minor, unspecified disciplinary issue. From the sounds of it, the violation isn't considered serious, and there have been no reports that Murray is injured. 

Keep in mind that Oklahoma coach Lincoln Riley did not start eventual Heisman winner Baker Mayfield last season against West Virginia for grabbing his unmentionables the game before against Kansas. Murray got the start that game and quickly ran 66 yards on a scoring drive on the opening possession. 

If it's a minor violation, chances are Riley wants to set the tone that no one -- not even a quarterback being paid close to $5 million by the Oakland Athletics -- is above punishment. Besides, the Sooners are a big favorite against Baylor and missing a few series likely won't change the outcome one way or the other. 

Oklahoma also has a lot of confidence in Kendall, who pushed Murray in the quarterback competition this offseason.