Michigan State could have received some terrible news on Wednesday.

Defensive end William Gholston and linebacker Lawrence Thomaswere involved in a car accident on Wednesday afternoon, but luckily both players suffered only minor cuts and bruises. Reading the details of the accident, however, the results could have been a lot worse .
The crash occurred at about 3:40 p.m., after another vehicle attempted to change lanes and cut off a four-door Hyundai sedan driven by an East Lansing women, who lost control of her vehicle and crossed into the path of a Chevrolet SUV driven by Gholston, according to Trooper Greg Galarneau.

The vehicles of Gholston and the East Lansing woman collided and rolled into the ditch on the shoulder, with Gholston’s SUV settling on its side and the other car on its top, said Galarneau, who added that all three people were wearing seat belts and air bags deployed. No tickets nor citations were issued.
Making the story just a bit more remarkable, Galarneau said that when he showed up to the scene a Michigan State assistant coach was already there. The coach had just happened upon the scene while driving down the same stretch of I-96. 

Michigan State released the following statement about the accident on Thursday morning.

"William Gholston and Lawrence Thomas were shaken after being involved in a rollover accident Wednesday afternoon. The police responded within minutes of the accident, and thankfully, no one was seriously injured. Fortunately, both of them were wearing their seat belts and that made a difference in ensuring their safety."