The Eagles clinched homefield advantage throughout the playoffs on Christmas Eve, rendering their Week 17 game against the Cowboys, who were eliminated by the Seahawks, entirely meaningless from a playoff perspective. As such, not everyone is rolling out on the field with a huge sense of determination.

See: punter Donnie Jones, who actually forgot to even take off his sweatpants before going out on the field. 

It was OK, though, because Jones is a pro. He shed the sweats and went to work.

The Cowboys-Eagles matchup, typically one of the more exciting rivalries in football, is a total snoozefest this year. For the first time EVER in this matchup, the game was knotted at 0-0 at halftime. 

These two teams have been playing since 1960. 

But there were sweatpants on the field, so we've got that going for us.