Bills Fan Getty Buffalo Snow
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When their 2022 schedule came out, the Buffalo Bills had planned for their Week 11 game against the Cleveland Browns to be a standard home tilt. But they hadn't reckoned with an early-season lake effect snowstorm that pounded Western New York with more than five feet of snow, rendering Orchard Park and Highmark Stadium completely unfit for even the most bone-chilling of winter weather games.

With Sunday's game against the Browns relocated to Ford Field in Detroit, the leadup to Saturday afternoon was marked by drama over whether or not the Bills would even be able to get out of Buffalo Niagara International Airport in a timely manner. The Bills have since taken flight from their wintery wonderland, which they got to enjoy to varying degrees over the past couple of days.

Several members of the Bills posted videos of their adventures in the snow to social media, some of which seemed more enjoyable than others. Some, like wide reciever Gabriel Davis, left tackle Dion Dawkins, and tight end Dawson Knox, enjoyed the snow with their dogs. Others like backup quarterback Matt Barkley set to work simply to get out of their front door -- And some found that when they stepped outside, their cars had been completely submerged in the heavy snowfall.

Perhaps the bravest soul of all was runing back Taiwan Jones, who braved the elements and drove through the white landscape just to get home.

While Western New York continues the process of trying to dig their way out of the massive snowfall, the Bills will spend the next week in Detroit, with their Sunday game against the Browns taking place at Ford Field as well as their Thanksgiving Day matchup against the Detroit Lions.