J.J. Watt is no longer a Texan. He announced on Friday that he has been released from the Houston Texans after a decade with the team. Watt is a three-time NFL Defensive Player of the Year and a Walter Payton Man of the Year recipient. 

He has long been one of the top defensive players in the league and is a star in Houston.

To break the news to the city he had such a great relationship with, Watt released a video saying, "Houston, I wanted you to hear this directly from me..."

The Texans don't exactly appear to have it all together currently and fans are pointing out the "mess" in Houston. There are issues with quarterback Deshaun Watson wanting out and former questionable trades are still lingering on people's minds (see: Deandre Hopkins.)

Watt has had quite the career already, racking up stats and putting himself in elite company.

As such, people are already placing their bets on where Watt will go next, trying to figure out where he fits in best. Fans and players were quick to react to the release. Here are some of the best reactions:

Houston tweeted, "Always a Texan. Thank you, J.J. Watt."

The team mascot even gave him a shoutout.

Watson called Watt "one of the greatest of all time" and complimented him not only for his talent on the field, but the person he is off the field.

His brother TJ Watt might want him to come to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Their other brother Derek Watt is with the Steelers as well.

DeMarcus Lawrence wants J.J. to call him.

Chris long has a message for the fans.

Take a look at the last time Watt walked off the field as a Texan:

Watson is jealous of Watt right now.

Houston doesn't exactly seem like the place players want to be right now.

Many New England Patriots fans are hoping to get Watt this offseason.

Could Watt team up with Tom Brady and the defending champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers?