Concerns are growing within the NFL about players suffering non-contact injuries while playing on artificial turf. Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll is the latest to speak on the matter, as he called for more investigation into the frequency and severity of injuries suffered on artificial turf versus grass.

During his Wednesday press conference, Carroll said the NFL needs to look into the possible risks of playing on artificial turf. Carroll noted that the new artificial playing surfaces are better now than they used to be, but he still wonders about how safe they are. It's very relevant to Carroll and his team right now, because in the Seahawks' recent win over the Chargers at SoFi Stadium, which uses artificial turf, wide receiver DK Metcalf narrowly avoided a serious knee injury after trying to come down with a reception.

Here's what Carroll said:

"I think we definitely need to look into this seriously in the offseason again. I mean, it's been a discussion before. We've got to do what's right. We've got to do what's safest for the players, and we've got to make those choices. I would pound on the drum for that, I know that there's numbers and studies. You've got to figure out where the study is coming from and who is paying for it. There's a lot of stuff there that we've got to figure out, but we've got to do the right thing.

"We definitely need to keep looking at it because, every now and then, it just feels like something is up. Too many guys going down when they're not even touching anybody. We'll see. The turfs are way better than they used to be and all that, but we'll just have to see. I know I'm getting in trouble here, so I'll shut up."

Earlier this season, New York Giants wide receiver Sterling Shepard suffered a season-ending knee injury on the artificial turf at Metlife Stadium. In the aftermath of that game, former Giants wideout Odell Beckham Jr. said the NFL should go back to playing exclusively on grass surfaces.

"Just get rid of it all the fkngether bro," Beckham tweeted. "Billions made off this game I can't understand why we can't play on grass. That shxt is rough. Prayers up for my brother. Shxt just hurt my heart."

During the Los Angeles Rams' Super Bowl LVI victory, Beckham tore his ACL at SoFi Stadium. Because of the injury, Beckham has not been able to play this season and remains a free agent.