Aaron Rodgers may or may not play football in 2023, but we know one thing for sure: he's no longer living in darkness. After spending several days and nights on an isolated retreat, the Packers quarterback emerged from his mountainside dwelling on Wednesday, according to ESPN. Rodgers previously told "The Pat McAfee Show" that he'd scheduled the retreat for meditative purposes, and hoped to make a decision about his immediate NFL future shortly afterward.

The retreat wasn't scheduled solely for the purpose of planning his next steps in the NFL, Rodgers said at the time, but rather to "have a better sense of where I'm at in my life." But all eyes are on the Packers QB now that free agency is fast approaching. Rodgers has left the door open for any scenario in 2023: retirement, a return to Green Bay for a 19th season with the team, or a potential relocation via trade.

Rodgers' darkness retreat came courtesy of Sky Cave Retreats, per ESPN. He resided in a small mountainside cottage nestled in the woods of Ashland, Oregon. The company's website reveals that the "sky cave" contains a toilet, sink and hot bath, as well as a bed and meditation area. Guests are able to turn on light at any point during their stay, but are otherwise left "totally undisturbed in the darkness." Meals are delivered twice daily, while a wood stove is stoked in the winter.

As for Rodgers' NFL plans, it's still unclear what lies ahead for the former MVP. There have been conflicting reports about the Packers' preferences, with some suggesting Green Bay is ready to turn the page to former first-round draft pick Jordan Love, and others more recently reporting that the Packers would like Rodgers back under center in 2023.