The Cincinnati Bengals missed the playoffs for the first time in three years this past season, but still finished with a winning record at 9-8. Star quarterback Joe Burrow suffered a season-ending wrist injury in November that put the entire campaign in jeopardy, but backup quarterback Jake Browning came in and went 4-3 as the starter. The Washington product won three games in a row, with two of those victories coming in overtime. However, Cincy couldn't rebound to make the postseason. 

Now, the Bengals turn their attention to the offseason, and with that comes some decisions regarding their star wide receivers. Following his third NFL season, Ja'Marr Chase is now eligible for an extension. As for Tee Higgins, he's a free agent who could be playing ball elsewhere in 2024. 

This week, both players spoke with CBS Sports to discuss a couple of different topics, including the future, as well as a couple of coaching candidates they are familiar with. 

The Bengals didn't make the playoffs this year, but is there a team you guys are rooting for or any friends you're pulling for?

Higgins: I think Dallas or the 49ers are going to be in on the NFC side. 

Chase: I ain't really rooting for anybody. I got a couple of friends, but I'm not really rooting for them because we're in the same division. I'll just say I got Ravens and San Fran in the Super Bowl

What do you guys think you learned about yourselves this year?

Higgins: This season I dealt with a lot of injuries, and I got to look at the game a little differently, mentally going into weeks where I was hurt. I was looking at reading defenses differently, just seeing things that I probably wouldn't see out there on the field playing. I want to say I got better at reading different coverages.

Chase: This was my first year playing without Burrow since high school, so it's just me showing off what I could really do, since me and Joe have always had that great connection everyone talks about. 

This is the time of the year when we give the old coaching carousel a spin. It seems like your offensive coordinator, Brian Callahan, may be a candidate. What would make him a good head coach in your opinions?

Higgins: For me, he's a player-first coach. He's all about making his players happy. He's a family man. He treats us like one of his own. Just a great guy and an outstanding coach at the end of the day.

Chase: Overall I think he has a great offensive scheme. Putting it together for his offensive players and his playmakers. Moving them around, giving them opportunities to make plays in different spots on the field.

I wanted to ask Ja'Marr about another guy in Joe Brady. I feel like he's done a good job with Buffalo. What do you remember about him at LSU?

Chase: I honestly can say that was one of the best times, man. He opened up my eyes with football a little bit more. He was just a great person overall, man. He would check on us, make sure we were great outside the football facility. When we came in, it was always business. That was one thing about him that you admired and he showed off. When he got to the field and showed off what he could do calling plays. Championship game I felt like was the best game to visually look at and watch him call plays. Cause honestly, I felt like he was just setting up every player for a good spot to have an opportunity and make a play that game. 

You guys both have big offseasons ahead of you. Ja'Marr, is getting that extension signed this offseason a big goal for you?

Chase: Contract-wise, I'm not really too big on what I'm going to do this year yet. Cause honestly, the receivers that I'm watching to get paid, they didn't get paid their third year. So we're just gonna have to ride out and see how it goes right now. 

Tee, you are probably the best wideout in free agency. Is returning to the Bengals something you'll explore? 

Higgins: For sure. Obviously I'm real comfortable with the offense, I'm comfortable with everybody in the building, so obviously that's a No. 1 option I will explore, coming back with the Bengals. 100%.

How are you approaching this offseason in general? 

Higgins: Just getting back, staying in shape, staying healthy and being ready for anything and everything that's coming my way.

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