Kansas City Chiefs v Houston Texans
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When Patrick Mahomes takes the field for Super Bowl LVII, he'll be wearing a jersey color that he's never worn in the postseason before. 

This year's Super Bowl will mark the 14th time that Mahomes has suited up for a postseason game, and somehow, he's NEVER worn white, which is the uniform color that the Chiefs will be donning on Sunday against the Eagles

Mahomes actually modeled his white jersey earlier this week. 

It seems almost impossible to believe that Mahomes has never worn white in the playoffs, but that's the case. The reason why he's never worn white is because he's never played in a ROAD playoff game. Over the course of his five-year career, Mahomes has suited up for 12 home playoff games and two neutral-site games. 

For the 12 home games, the Chiefs wore red, which is what they always wear at home. In Super Bowl LIV against the 49ers, the Chiefs were the home team, so they got to pick their jersey color and they ended up going with red. 

Wearing red ended up working out well because the Chiefs ended up winning the game 31-20. 

In Super Bowl LV, the Buccaneers were the home team, which means they got to pick their jersey color first, and surprisingly, Tampa Bay chose to wear white, which means that Mahomes' streak of wearing red for every postseason game stayed intact. 

This year, the Eagles are the home team and they decided to wear green, which opened the door for the Chiefs to finally wear white for the first time in Mahomes' postseason career. 

The Super Bowl will mark the first time in 16 playoff games that the Chiefs have worn white in the postseason. The last time it happened came during the 2015 season when they played on the road in a 27-20 loss to the Patriots in the divisional round. 

In that game, the Chiefs wore all white, but for the Super Bowl, they'll be wearing red pants with their white jersey. 

The good news for the Chiefs is that white seems to be good luck in the Super Bowl. Over the past 18 years, teams wearing white in the big game have gone 15-3.