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NFL free agency is a few weeks old as teams have provided plenty of excitement since the new league year began in mid-March. Plenty of the top free agents were snatched up quick, even if the offseason transactions weren't as crazy as last offseason. 

Of course, that's what happens when Lamar Jackson and Aaron Rodgers don't have new teams yet. Rodgers has every intention to go to the New York Jets, yet the Green Bay Packers and Jets have yet to agree to trade compensation. The Jackson saga continues as the Baltimore Ravens have placed the non-exclusive franchise tag on him in March and no team has yet to make him an offer -- nor appear to show interest in him. 

Regardless of the Rodgers and Jackson situations, the report cards are coming in for each team as the first wave of free agency has completed. The grades are in for each division as CBS Sports will be releasing them over the next several days. 

Click on the link below for your division to see how your team fared.