Brotherly love is shown in different ways, including trash talking while playing in the same NBA game. Cleveland Cavaliers center Robin Lopez had some fun on Wednesday when his team took on his twin brother Brook Lopez and the Milwaukee Bucks

Robin did not see any minutes on the court in the Cavs' 114-106 victory over the Bucks. However, he was plenty busy wearing a microphone on the bench and providing some fun content at the expense of his brother. 

One of the clips shows Brook attempting to keep the ball in bounds, but as he jumps to catch the ball and pass it, he doesn't look at who he is throwing it to. The ball ended up in Cavs forward Evan Mobley's hands. This led to Robin giving his brother a fake compliment.

"Good pass, good assist," Robin joked as his brother had to stand by and watch Mobley score.

Another clip shows Brook getting a steal and immediately reacting as if he had been fouled. The referee blew the whistle, but Robin was not convinced that it was the right call.

"That's a flop," Robin told an official near him. "He's an actor. I know he was on 'West Side Story.' He was Officer Krupke."

Brook kept a straight face, but the official started laughing. 

Wednesday was not the first time the twins poked fun at each other. In March 2021, Brook said he had replaced Robin with a new little brother, Mamadi Diakite. The Lopez brothers played with each other on the Bucks the previous season, but Robin signed with the Wizards in 2020.