Back in March, LeBron James sent out a tweet that said his son Bronny James is "definitely better" than some NBA players in the league today. It's a rather eyebrow-raising statement given Bronny is just 18 years old and hasn't played above high school level basketball. However, it appears LeBron isn't the only one who thinks there are some bad players across the NBA.

During an appearance on Paul George's podcast, Chicago Bulls guard DeMar DeRozan was asked what he thought about LeBron's tweet, to which he kind of agreed with the sentiment.

"We do got a lot of sorry mother------- in the league," DeRozan said. "Being in the league so long you realize mother------- don't love the game of basketball, who take it for granted, who feel so entitled, who just want everything that come with it but don't want to put the work in. It's so frustrating.

DeRozan continued.

"We played in an era where you had to earn everything. So you got so many guys coming in thinking they should just be playing because their homeboy told them they nice. And it's like 'bro you're not good.' I definitely got 'Bron's standpoint of that, because you'll be surprised."

George then added to DeRozan's statement in agreement about there being a good portion of NBA players who aren't that great on the floor.  

"It's a good, what is it 450 of us? It's a good 75 to 100, stinks. Good dudes though," George said.

Well, by George's math, that means over 20% of NBA players just aren't very good basketball players. I'm sure they're not the only ones who think this, either. Especially when during the regular season on any given night there's at least one blowout game happening around the league. Still, though, it's pretty rare to hear players currently in the league talk about how bad other players are that bluntly, even if it is somewhat true.