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Some of baseball's best drama from the 2022 season may not quite be in the books just yet. In an interview with The Boston Globe, Boston Red Sox outfielder Tommy Pham further discussed the infamous altercation that he had with San Francisco Giants outfielder Joc Pederson over a disagreement in a fantasy football league that the two players were members of.

Pham told the Globe regarding the slap that "If anything, he's (Pederson) lucky I didn't hurt his a-- even worse."

Earlier this season, Pham reportedly slapped Pederson during a pregame altercation when he was a member of the Cincinnati Reds. The veteran outfielder ended up being suspended three games by Major League Baseball for striking Pederson.

"Regarding the Joc situation, I don't feel sorry for what I did," Pham added. "There's a certain level of respect that was crossed. Joc was disrespectful and I don't condone, you know, the way he was talking to me in the group chat through the text. I don't condone that."

Following the altercation, it appeared that the feud was over more than just a simple fantasy football league. In May, Pederson showed reporters a message from a group text in which Pederson had posted a GIF. That particular GIF showed three weightlifters with the logos of the Dodgers, Giants, and Padres over top of them and the Padres weightlifter collapsed under the weight of his dumbbell.

At the time of this particular exchange, Pham played for the Padres.

Pham just finished up a 2022 season in which he hit .236 with 17 home runs and 63 RBIs splitting time between the Reds and Red Sox.