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It's been a mystifying week for the New York Mets, as their late-season snag has spawned a controversy concerning fan decorum and whether or not to give the players the thumbs up or thumbs down. On Tuesday afternoon, Queens was put at ease (for a few hours, at least) with a dramatic Mets victory over the Miami Marlins -- but it came at the cost of Javier Baez's jewelry.

In the ninth inning, the Mets erased a four-run deficit to come storming back against Miami, with Baez scoring the game-winning run on a single by Michael Conforto. In the ensuing pandemonium, Baez lost his earring, leading to an all-out effort to try and find it.

According to a report by Anthony DiComo of, the Mets have yet to find Baez's earring as of Wednesday afternoon, and are making painstaking efforts to try and locate it. DiComo stated that the Mets have even deployed the services of their analytics department, which is using video to try and determine exactly where it may have fallen.

Team president Sandy Alderson is also getting involved in the search:

Baez's missing earring is an odd spinout from a massive victory for the Mets, as it marked their third-straight win since going through multiple stretches of losses throughout the month of August. The Mets' 12 losses in a 14-game period had significantly soured the mood of fans towards the team, leading to players rearing up at the fanbase over their use of the "thumbs down" gesture towards players.

This past Sunday, Baez had been one of three players, along with Francisco Lindor and Kevin Pillar, who had taunted fans by making thumbs down gestures after getting hits. Thanks to Baez's heroics, Tuesday's victory marked what may be a potential turnaround in the team's fortunes.

"#Fans We just need to stay together! We want to win too!", wrote Baez on Twitter. "El Mago gonna be El Mago!"