Greetings. The 2019 Major League Baseball season is upon us. For those who are relatively new, casual fans or simply looking for players to watch this coming season, we're here to unveil an All-Fun team. 

Now, this is subjective, obviously. These are the players I believe are the most fun to watch. Things that I don't think are fun: Guys who get angry when other players have fun, keeping a straight face all the time and players who aren't good. This isn't a list of the best players. Now, being the elite of the elite are obviously fun to watch, so we'll see some of those guys. We're also going to make an effort to name at least one player from every team, because we've gotta have at least one guy to watch per team in any random game, right? 

Also, this is far too super-sized to be an actual team. I count 61 players and a group of runners (you'll see). It's a lot of fun and that's the point. 

Let's get to it. 

[Note: These aren't in any particular order. It's random.]


Gary Sanchez
MIL • C • #99
Sanchez was limited by injury and hampered by a terrible average last season, but he has the raw power to hit 40 bombs.
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Willson Contreras
STL • C • #40
Contreras is a bowl full of energy behind the plate with a cannon. He lost all his power in the second half last season, but I'm confident he gets it back. He shows how much fun he's having, too.
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Yadier Molina
STL • C • #4
Molina is the king of backpicks and those are so much fun. I don't use stats necessarily in determining who is fun so I don't care if the numbers bear it out, but he seems like he is an excellent clutch hitter. That's good enough when we're talking about fun.
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Jorge Alfaro
CHC • C • #19
Marlins fans mourning the loss of J.T. Realmuto can rejoice at how fun Alfaro is. He pimps his home runs and has a rocket for an arm.
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First base

Anthony Rizzo
NYY • 1B • #48
Rizzo charges from first base when there's a bunter against Jon Lester to the point that it looks dangerous. He can do this because he's so adept with the glove. His power and dugout hijinks on occasion don't hurt matters.
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Joey Votto
TOR • 1B • #37
Votto in interviews often shows his dry humor and it's great. Also, there's no one who puts as much studying and effort into every single plate appearance. It's almost exhausting watching him.
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Jesus Aguilar
OAK • 1B • #99
Aguilar is giant with prodigious power. That's all the excuse we need.
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Second base

Josh Harrison
CIN • 3B • #4
Harrison has been one of the most exciting baserunners in the game in the recent past, including back in his Pirates prime when he was a master of escaping rundowns. Plus, I needed a Tiger. Sorry!
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Jose Altuve
HOU • 2B • #27
Altuve is the diminutive slugger that everyone in the world should love watching play baseball. He doesn't really even need an explanation.
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Scooter Gennett
SF • 2B • #14
Gennett is also a diminutive slugger -- though not quite as diminutive -- and I'm now depressed since he's hurt for three months. Let's see if I can cheer up.
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Ozzie Albies
ATL • 2B • #1
Here we go. Another small guy in Albies, one of the Braves' youngsters. He was only 21 last year and had 40 doubles, five triples, 24 homers and 14 steals. He was every bit that fun, too.
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Robinson Cano
I know, I know ... PED suspension and all, but I still love watching Cano hit. It's aesthetically pleasing.


Francisco Lindor
NYM • SS • #12
Lindor is outstanding at everything and makes it look easy, particularly on the defensive end. It's a thing of beauty.
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Andrelton Simmons
CHC • SS • #19
Simmons is a better defender than Lindor. One of the most underrated players in baseball has grown into a quality hitter and those who hate strikeouts should note that he struck out just 44 times in 600 plate appearances last season.
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Elvis Andrus
ARI • SS • #18
I'm assuming Andrus will keep all his fun antics in the dugout and on the diamond, but he has lost his sparring partner Adrian Beltre to retirement.
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Nick Ahmed
SF • SS • #16
Ahmed is yet another brilliant defender who makes it look easy at short.
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Trea Turner
PHI • SS • #7
Turner is a good all-around player, but his fun comes on the bases. He can absolutely fly. He led the NL with 43 steals last season.
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Third base

Jose Ramirez
CLE • 3B • #11
Ramirez teams up with Lindor to create the most fun and probably the best left side of an infield in baseball. The two of them fill every single stat category on offense and do it with zeal.
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Alex Bregman
HOU • 3B • #2
Bregman truly came into his own last season as a superstar and it was great, because he's intense out there -- in a good way! He's not one of those angry guys, he's just overly passionate while still enjoying himself. Also, there's his whole beef with Trevor Bauer.
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Matt Chapman
SF • 3B • #26
Chapman is so good defensively at third that he's must-watch TV. He ain't too shabby with the lumber in his hands either.
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Nolan Arenado
STL • 3B • #28
Arenado is a pretty obvious selection, but let's zero in on him charging weak grounders or bunts in "do-or-die" fashion and how easy he makes it look. It shouldn't be that easy, but for him it is.
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Manny Machado
SD • 3B • #13
Put all the noise aside from last postseason that caused many to start hating Machado. He hits the ball as hard as anyone in baseball and is an elite-level rangy third baseman with a rocket arm. Padres fans are going to love him in seconds flat.
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Eugenio Suarez
ARI • 3B • #28
Suarez became an offensive machine last season for a largely irrelevant team. If the Reds hop into contention this season, don't forget about him. He's fun.
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Utility infield

Javier Baez
DET • 2B • #28
Baez is my vote for the most fun player in the league. He rarely -- if ever -- gets mad at others, he plays his butt off all the time, he hits for prodigious power, he's a terror on the bases, does swim moves on slides, is a flashy and excellent defender and is incredibly excitable after big plays. This isn't even mentioning the hug heard 'round the baseball world.
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Jurickson Profar
SD • SS • #10
Profar finally last season flashed his all-around power and speed combo on offense. They'll love him in Oakland.
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Cedric Mullins
BAL • CF • #31
Mullins has shown decent power in the minors along with good basestealing ability, so he looks like the most fun player on the Orioles.
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Andrew Benintendi
CHW • CF • #23
The Red Sox have the most fun outfield in baseball.
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Jackie Bradley
KC • CF • #41
The Red Sox have the most fun outfield in baseball.
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Mookie Betts
LAD • CF • #50
The Red Sox have the most fun outfield in baseball.
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Giancarlo Stanton
NYY • RF • #27
... see Aguilar, Jesus.
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Aaron Judge
NYY • RF • #99
... see Aguilar, Jesus.
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Eloy Jimenez
CHW • RF • #74
Jimenez recently inked a long-term deal with the White Sox and now he'll start the season in the majors. What he's shown in the minors says he'll be one of the more exciting power hitters in baseball.
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Tommy Pham
CHW • CF • #28
Pham plays with a perpetual chip on his shoulder. He plays angry. It makes him go with a kind of intensity that is appreciated.
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Byron Buxton
MIN • CF • #25
Buxton had a disaster of a season in 2018. If he can erase that and hang around in the majors, do not sleep on his off-the-charts fun factor. His range in the outfield makes unbelievable catches possible and he zooms around the bases so smoothly it's like he's skating.
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George Springer
TOR • RF • #4
Springer is a power-hitting leadoff man for a great team who is constantly smiling. What's not to love? Bring on the Springer Dinger to start the season (he's done it two years in a row).
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Mike Trout
LAA • CF • #27
Trout is the best player in baseball and one of the best of all-time.
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Joey Gallo
WAS • LF • #24
Gallo will strikeout a ton and won't hit for average. That's OK, because when he gets one, it's silly. He has as much power as anyone and how is this not fun?
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Cody Bellinger
CHC • 1B • #24
Bellinger has very good power and you won't often see a guy who can get down the line as fast as he can who's 6-foot-4. He's got that fun-loving nature, too, which is always a plus.
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Franchy Cordero
NYY • CF • #33
Cordero has big-time raw power and is fast. He's probably the least-known name here, so check him out.
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Yasiel Puig
CLE • RF • #66
Puig is so polarizing. So many people think he's some punk that disrespects the game. The thing is, have you read his harrowing story in escaping Cuba and getting to America? He almost had his arm chopped off by a drug cartel. Given his life history, why shouldn't be trying to have as much fun as possible? It's a joy for me to watch. He'll often turn around and have fun with the fans from his spot in right field, too. Just remember haters, #PuigYourFriend.
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Lorenzo Cain
MIL • RF • #6
Cain is a silky smooth defender in center and, even at age 32, swiped 30 bases last season. It might be meaningful for some to hear he's one of the nicest and best players to interview, too.
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Starling Marte
NYM • CF • #6
Marte has speed, power and an utter cannon for an arm. See?
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Harrison Bader
NYM • LF • #44
Bader also has the power, speed and highlight-reel outfield ability. It's a common theme, but every guy deserves his due.
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Ronald Acuna
ATL • CF • #13
Acuna is a special, five-tool talent that could become the best player of his generation. Of course he's on the team.
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Bryce Harper
PHI • RF • #3
Many don't like Harper, but I'll never stop loving seeing him play, hit in the Home Run Derby, whatever. He's so much fun for me.
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Andrew McCutchen
PIT • CF • #22
Though he's lost a step or two, McCutchen will always have a spot with me. I heart Cutch.
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Juan Soto
NYY • RF • #22
Soto last season was one of the best teenage players in baseball history. He wasn't even supposed to be in the league, as he started the season in Double-A and his promotion was forced due to injuries. That's a fun story.
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Designated hitter

Shohei Ohtani
LAD • SP • #17
Ohtani has so much natural power and gets around the bases with such ease. He's awesome.
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Khris Davis
OAK • LF • #11
Davis led the majors in home runs last season and has hilariously had the exact same batting average for four straight seasons.
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Edwin Encarnacion
CHW • 1B • #23
Encarnacion carries an imaginary parrot on his arm around the bases after home runs, and he hits a lot of them.
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Pinch runner

The Royals. Whit Merrifield led the majors with 45 steals last season. In only 75 games, Adalberto Mondesi swiped 32. Billy Hamilton  has been added the group and he's averaging 53 steals a year in the last five seasons. The most fun to watch on the bases, however, is Terrance Gore. Most of the time, there's really no reason to even throw. 

Starting pitcher

I'll confess: Generally speaking, aside from seeing sick breaking stuff, I don't find pitchers in general really "fun." I think I'm still annoyed from watching pitchers run poles and then heading back to the clubhouse early while we position players had to keep practicing. The list won't be long due to my anti-pitcher bias. 

Marcus Stroman
Stroman, when he's good, is such a pleasure to watch. He has an enthusiastic intensity about him.
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Justin Verlander
HOU • SP • #35
I have no idea why. I just really love watching Verlander more than most other elite pitchers.
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Dereck Rodriguez
ATL • SP • #59
Rodriguez makes the list here due to his story last year of being an unknown prospect (aside from the fact that his father is a Hall of Famer). He was a pleasant surprise.
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Noah Syndergaard
CLE • SP • #34
Syndergaard has yet to put it together for a full and healthy season like his teammate Jacob deGrom did in 2018, but Thor's raw stuff might be the best in MLB history. He's capable of throwing over 100 mph with his fastball while sitting low-90s with a slider. That's outrageous and fun.
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Max Scherzer
TEX • SP • #31
Scherzer is an utter madman on the hill, often seen cussing to himself while he's in his windup. He's also probably the best pitcher in baseball.
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Adam Ottavino
Ottavino's slider looks like a frisbee. Nasty and fun.
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Kenley Jansen
BOS • RP • #74
Jansen comes out to "California Love," has a hitchy quirk in his delivery and is really good.
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Pedro Strop
CHC • RP • #64
People get really angry on Twitter about how Strop's hat is crooked and that's pretty funny. Also, he's overly animated out there on the hill.
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Fernando Rodney
Rodney also wears a crooked hat. And he shoots faux-arrows!
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Raisel Iglesias
ATL • RP • #26
Iglesias is a very good and underrated closer who had 16 outings of longer than an inning last season.
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Seranthony Dominguez
PHI • SP • #58
Dominguez makes the cut due to his awesome name.
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Jordan Hicks
SF • RP • #12
Hicks is the hardest thrower in baseball and velocity is fun.
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Now we're all ready to have fun this year. Woo hoo!