cMaybe the biggest complaint we get about our mock drafts is that they're not realistic. Analysts tend to reach for breakout players, wait on quarterbacks and completely ignore low-upside veterans. They often don't match ADP once you get to Round 4. 

So why should analysts have all the fun? Analysts should be the ones working

And work we did as we rewarded a dozen viewers of the Fantasy Football Today Podcast with a mock draft of their own on Feb. 28.

We kept the scoring simple: 0.5 PPR, all touchdowns with six points, all turnovers worth minus-2 points, everything else typical of a decimal-point Fantasy league.  

We made the roster requirements interesting: one QB, two RB, two WR, one TE, two FLEX, six bench spots. This was done to encourage drafters to pick best players available, not pick based on need. 

Where can you watch? 

Who drafted? 

1. Eisen Jameyberg (Matt Weber)7. Trial & Error (Chris R.) 
2. Richmond Spiders (Jonathan Sale)8. Stellar G's (Graham Richards)
3. Jags Super Bowl 2024 (Todd Burrell)9. Mockberry Moon Delight (Sean P)
4. Fantasy Heel (Robert Foster)10. BC (Bryan Campbell)
5. Reign Man (Jim Caldwell)11. ChiTown's Finest (Joe Barry)
6. Griddy Iron Gang (Nick Deitering)12. Glomb (Shaun Glomb)

Who were the steals? 

CeeDee Lamb, WR, DAL - 16th overallDameon Pierce, RB, HOU - 60th overall
Josh Jacobs, RB, LV - 33rd overallEvan Engram, TE - 100th overall
DeAndre Hopkins, WR - 43rd overallGabe Davis, WR, BUF - 112th overall
Rhamondre Stevenson, RB, NE - 47th overallMichael Thomas, WR - 116th overall

Who were the reaches? 

Breece Hall, RB, NYJ - 11th overallDallas Goedert, TE, PHI - 36th overall
Jalen Hurts, QB, PHI - 2nd QB off the boardChristian Kirk, WR, JAC - 49th overall
Deebo Samuel, WR, SF - 28th overallTyler Boyd, WR - 103rd overall

The complete results  

Round By Round
Round 1
Pos Team Player
1 Mockberry Moon Delight
2 Trial & Error
Team by Team
Mockberry Moon Delight
Rd Pk Player
1 1
Trial & Error
Rd Pk Player
1 2