Kansas State needs its kicking game to improve after ranking second to last in field goal makes and field goal percentage among Big 12 teams last season. A video the team posted on social media Thursday proves it's unafraid of making the improvement a campus-wide effort. 

Long snapper Randen Plattner and holder Jack Blumer walked around Kansas State's Manhattan campus in full uniform, asking students and faculty if they'd like to, as they told one woman, "kick some balls." 

The kicking results were mixed, to say the least, but the comedy soared directly through the uprights. Plattner and Blumer offered words of advice and encouragement such as "be short, be fast, be smooth" and "let it rip" – only for most of the people to kick line drives, if they made any meaningful contact. Miraculously, one student kicked the ball high and far despite wearing sandals.

Plattner, a senior, has been as effective as he is funny at Kansas State; the Parkville, Mo. native has been true on all 217 of his snaps with the Wildcats. Blumer, a fellow senior and former punter, is coming off his first season as a primary holder. 

A year after Kansas State made only 12 of its 18 field goal attempts, it's hard to fault the experiment.