Nebraska WR Kenny Bell turned 21 on Monday. In generational fashion, he decided to mark the occasion with a new tattoo. But even among America's ink-drenched youth, there is nothing typical about Bell's choice: The head of a lion, decked out in full Native American headdress, covering his entire right ribcage.

Anachronistic? From a geographic standpoint, yes. Given the competition in the category of elaborate torso ink, though, extra points are due for clarity and coherence. Whatever else you think about the result, there is no mistaking it for anything but the head of a lion, decked out in full Native American headdress. Covering his entire right ribcage.

Bell, a sophomore, published a picture of the tattoo on Monday for his 18,000-plus Twitter followers, explaining that the image "stand[s] for strength, bravery an[d] pride. A calm lion's a symbol of controlled emotions. Headdresses wer[e] given to bravest warriors." He then spent much of the rest of the day chronicling the pain he was experiencing while sleeping, showering and walking with a backpack.

Should you consider getting your own full ribcage tattoo? No, says Kenny Bell. No you should not.

Bell finished as the Cornhuskers' leading receiver each of his first two seasons on campus, making 82 catches for 1,324 yards and 11 touchdowns; as a sophomore, he was a second-team All-Big Ten pick. How much sympathy will that buy him from coach Bo Pelini if the tat hasn't fully healed by the time Nebraska opens spring practice on Saturday? Well, let's all hope for Kenny's sake he doesn't have to find out.