They said what?

E.J. Manuel, quarterback, Florida State on his shoulder injury last year: “The fact that I had the injury made me get that much more into the mental aspect when I’m back in the pocket. Coach Fisher says that sometimes the best thing for a quarterback is to get injured.”

Mike James, running back, Miami on the program’s off-field controversy: “You’ve just got to have tunnel vision through it all. I have to get my team ready to play. Get them focused on football. Nothing else outside of that matters. Just worry about two acres and a ball, getting an education, and winning games.”

Mike Glennon, quarterback, State" data-canon="North Carolina Tar Heels" data-type="SPORTS_OBJECT_TEAM" id="shortcode0"> on Florida State’s defense: “They were the best team I played last year. They were at a different speed than I’d ever played. Guys were in your face and their DBs were gloving receivers."

Logan Thomas, quarterback, Virginia Tech on practicing against the Hokies’ defense: “They’re probably the toughest defense I’ll ever go up against. I struggle just to move the ball some days.”

Dalton Freeman, center, Clemson: “We’re the champions until someone takes the trophy from us, and we aren’t going to give it away too easily.”

Kevin Reddick, linebacker, North Carolina on the school’s bowl ban this season: “All you can do is go out and win 12 games to try to mess it up for someone else.”