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Just when you think the NFL can't get any weirder, Tom Brady announces his retirement and now someone is trying to profit off of the exact spot he said his goodbye to football. 

Of course, you know by now that the 45-year-old quarterback announced this week that he is once again calling it a career, but "for good" this time around after deciding to call off his retirement last offseason after just forty days. Brady made the announcement by sending out an emotional video where he was sitting in the sand of a nearby beach and tearing up as he told the world his playing days are over. 

In the aftermath of that decision, an eagle-eyed fan used the buildings behind Brady in his video to identify the exact spot where he announced his retirement. The person then scooped up a jar of sand and has since put it up for auction on eBay, advertising it as "Tom Brady's exact retirement spot - Bottled Sand." 

I know what you're thinking: Who would spend money on something like that? Well, it appears like not only is someone willing to make a bid on it, but also throw around some serious coin to claim the jar of sand. As of Saturday morning, there have been 124 bids on the jar and the current bid is up to a staggering $99,900.00. Seriously. 

Brady is no stranger to having pieces of his NFL story enter into headlines for peculiar reasons. After making his 28-3 comeback with the Patriots in Super Bowl LI, his jersey was stolen from New England's locker room, which then sparked off an international investigation that included the FBI before the jersey was eventually found, reportedly in Mexico. 

This jar of sand may not enter into that level of hysteria, but we're in the ballpark. Meanwhile, will this transaction actually go through when it's all said and done? Who knows. But there are some people out who apparently really want to get their hands on this piece of Brady history and dance around like Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean