The Houston Texans aren't done wheeling and dealing on the NFL's final roster cutdown day.

They dominated headlines by trading away former first-round pick Jadeveon Clowney to the Seattle Seahawks only hours ahead of the NFL roster deadline, landing a 2020 third-round pick and two players in the process. It wasn't a move that is being praised by any means, but the Texans went back to the task of trying to improve their roster -- as they see it. Having lost veteran running back Lamar Miller for the season with a torn ACL suffered after he took his first preseason snap in the dress rehearsal, a noticeable void opened up at the RB position. Despite having already struck a deal with the Cleveland Browns in August to land Duke Johnson, the absence of Miller will be felt and needed to be resolved.

To that end, they've reportedly decided to send an offensive lineman to the Kansas City Chiefs in exchange for Carlos Hyde, per Adam Schefter of ESPN.

Their third trade of the day comes via an agreement with the New England Patriots to bolster depth at cornerback.

With each move the Texans make, the prevailing question remains when it comes to if they value protecting quarterback DeShaun Watson or not. 

The deal with the Seahawks brought them two linebackers, and they're now shipping an offensive lineman away to the Chiefs, and while that helps the cause at running back -- it does nothing for keeping Watson on two feet. There's still much to sift through in the Texans' front office, as they work collectively in brainchild fashion as opposed to having a single general manager running the show. At first blush, things aren't looking too promising, though.

Hyde joins the Texans as a former second-round pick in 2014, headed to his fifth team in almost as many seasons. He signed with the Chiefs in March, but he will head to South Texas to begin September.