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The increased popularity of football has contributed to the Super Bowl becoming the spectacle that it is today. Memorable, iconic moments have also played a role in the Big Game's enormous ratings. Some of those moments have been forgotten over time. Others continue to be replayed in endless loops on TV, Twitter and YouTube. 

The world champion of professional football has been decided in the Super Bowl for over a half-century. Despite its humble beginnings, the Super Bowl has become the grandest stage in professional sports. On Sunday night, family and friends will gather to watch pro football's two best teams of 2023 -- the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs -- compete to win the Vince Lombardi Trophy. I'd be remiss not to shout out the people who tune in to watch the commercials and halftime performers, too. 

Instead of throwing 5-10 questions at you, we decided to create a Super Bowl trivia test that is made up of one question from the previous 57 Super Bowls. While some of the questions will likely be easy for a knowledgeable fan, there are several questions that will stump even the most diehard football fans. All of the answers are provided below the test. There are six answer keys (one for questions 1-10, another for questions 11-20, etc) if you want to grade yourself periodically throughout the test. 

Without further ado, let's get started. Good luck! 

1. Super Bowl I 

What was the average ticket price for the first game between the AFL and the NFL? 

a) $10

b) $12 

c) $15

d) $20

2. Super Bowl II

What future Hall of Fame coach retired immediately following his team's 33-14 victory? 

a) Vince Lombardi 

b) Tom Landry 

c) Paul Brown 

d) Don Shula 

3. Super Bowl III

How many passes did Joe Namath throw in the fourth quarter when he led his Jets to a shocking upset win over the Colts

a) 0 

b) 1 

c) 2

d) 25 

4. Super Bowl IV

Which of these statements is true about the Chiefs' 23-7 victory? 

a) First Super Bowl where a QB won the MVP 

b) First Super Bowl played outside of Florida 

c) First Super Bowl won by an AFL team 

d) Final game played before the AFL-NFL merger 

5. Super Bowl V 

This is the only Super Bowl where:  

a) Johnny Unitas played quarterback for the Colts 

b) Tom Landry's team ended up on the wrong side of the score 

c) Defensive player won Super Bowl MVP 

d) Member of the losing team won Super Bowl MVP 

6. Super Bowl VI 

During Dallas' 24-3 win, Cowboys great Bob Lilly tackled Bob Griese to record the greatest sack for a loss in Super Bowl history. How many yards were lost on the sack? 

a) 17 yards

b) 29 yards

c) 31 yards

d) 51 yards

7. Super Bowl VII 

Late in the game, Dolphins kicker Garo Yepremian famously threw a pick-six to Mike Bass after Washington blocked his field goal attempt. Despite the turnover and score, the Dolphins ended up winning the game to cap off their 17-0 season. But if Yepremian's kick was successful, what would the final score have been? 

a) 17-7

b) 17-0 

c) 20-7

d) 10-0 

8. Super Bowl VIII

Thanks to Dolphins running back Larry Csonka's close brush with injury, Super Bowl VIII was the final game where:   

a) Goal posts were stationed in front of the end zone

b) Face masks were optional 

c) Grabbing a player by his face mask was legal 

d) Chin straps were optional 

9. Super Bowl IX 

Which Steelers defender recorded the first safety in Super Bowl history after spending several days in the hospital with pneumonia? 

a) Joe Greene 

b) L.C. Greenwood

c) Dwight White

d) Jack Lambert 

10. Super Bowl X

Which future Hall of Fame Cowboys player did Steelers linebacker Jack Lambert famously throw to the ground during the second half of Pittsburgh's 21-17 win? 

a) Thomas "Hollywood" Henderson 

b) Cliff Harris 

c) Randy White 

d) Roger Staubach 

11. Super Bowl XI 

This was the first and only Super Bowl win for what Hall of Fame coach? 

a) Don Shula 

b) Chuck Noll

c) John Madden 

d) Joe Gibbs 

12. Super Bowl XII

Not only was this the first Super Bowl played in a dome, this was also the first Super Bowl where there were co-MVPs. Those players were: 

a) Roger Staubach and Tony Dorsett 

b) Roger Staubach and Ed "Too Tall" Jones

c) Randy White and Thomas "Hollywood" Henderson 

d) Randy White and Harvey Martin 

13. Super Bowl XIII 

In leading the Steelers to a 35-31 win over the Cowboys, Terry Bradshaw became the first QB in Super Bowl history to do which of the following:  

a) Throw for over 300 yards 

b) Throw four touchdowns 

c) Not get sacked 

d) a and b 

e) b and c 

14. Super Bowl XIV 

While they fell short against the Steelers, the Rams received a gritty performance from which player, who played the game with a broken leg? 

a) Jackie Slater 

b) Jack Youngblood 

c) Vince Ferragamo 

d) Wendell Tyler 

15. Super Bowl XV 

In helping the Raiders defeat the Eagles 27-10, Rod Martin set the individual record for Super Bowl interceptions. How many did he have? 

a) 2 

b) 3

c) 4 

d) 5 

16. Super Bowl XVI 

While his team fell short against the 49ers, which quarterback threw for nearly twice as many yards as game MVP Joe Montana? 

a) Ken Anderson 

b) Boomer Esiason 

c) Dan Fouts 

d) Dan Marino 

17. Super Bowl XVII 

In leading Washington to its first Super Bowl title, John Riggins set which Super Bowl record that still stands? 

a) Most carries (38)

b) Most rushing yards (166)

c) Longest touchdown run (43 yards) 

d) Most total yards by a running back (181) 

18. Super Bowl XVIII

Following Washington's 38-9 loss to the Raiders in Super Bowl XVIII, the NFC won how many consecutive Super Bowls? 

a) 7

b) 11

c) 13

d) 15 

19. Super Bowl XIX

This would be the only Super Bowl appearance (a 38-16 loss to the 49ers) for which future Hall of Fame quarterback? 

a) Dan Marino

b) Dan Fouts 

c) John Elway 

d) Jim Kelly 

20. Super Bowl XX

In their 46-10 victory over the Patriots, Chicago's "46" defense set a still-standing Super Bowl record for fewest rushing yards allowed. How many yards did they allow? 

a) 2 

b) 7 

c) 9 

d) 11 

21. Super Bowl XXI

In an MVP performance, Giants quarterback Phil Simms set a Super Bowl record by completing what percentage of his passes? 

a) 100

b) 91

c) 88

d) 82

22. Super Bowl XXII

This was a historic Super Bowl that included the first Black starting quarterback to win a Super Bowl (Doug Williams) and Timmy Smith's Super Bowl record 204 rushing yards. Washington also set a playoff record by scoring how many points in the second quarter of their 42-10 win? 

a) 42

b) 35

c) 28

d) 24

23. Super Bowl XXIII

Before leading his team on a game-winning, 92-yard drive, Joe Montana famously spotted what comedian in the stands while huddling with his teammates? 

a) John Candy 

b) Eddie Murphy 

c) Bill Murray 

d) Jerry Seinfeld 

24. Super Bowl XXIV

En route to joining the Steelers as the only four-time Super Bowl champions, the 49ers scored a Super Bowl-record 55 points. What other record did they set? 

a) Fewest yards allowed (167) 

b) Fewest passing yards allowed (103) 

c) Most team sacks (6)

d) Largest margin of victory (45 points) 

25. Super Bowl XXV

The only Super Bowl to be decided by one point was won by the Giants after Scott Norwood missed a field goal with eight seconds left. How long was the field goal attempt? 

a) 42 yards 

b) 47 yards 

c) 49 yards 

d) 50 yards 

26. Super Bowl XXVI

What did running back Thurman Thomas lose just before the start of the game, causing him to miss the Bills' opening play? 

a) His helmet 

b) His mouthpiece 

c) His shoulder pads 

d) His cleats 

27. Super Bowl XXVII

By virtue of his team's 52-17 win over the Bills, which coach became the first person to win a national championship and a Super Bowl title? 

a) Barry Switzer 

b) Bill Walsh

c) Jimmy Johnson 

d) Dick Vermeil 

28. Super Bowl XXXVIII

While he didn't win Super Bowl MVP, which Cowboys defender filled the stat sheet with 11 tackles, an interception, a forced fumble and a fumble return for a touchdown? 

a) Deion Sanders 

b) Darren Woodson 

c) Larry Brown 

d) James Washington 

29: Super Bowl XXXIX 

In one of the greatest Super Bowls ever played by a quarterback, Steve Young led both teams in rushing. He also set the still-standing Super Bowl record for touchdown passes. How many did he throw? 

a) 5

b) 6

c) 7

d) 8 

30: Super Bowl XXX

Which defender made history by becoming the first player to return from reconstructive knee surgery during the same season? He played in Super Bowl XXX after suffering the injury in Week 1. 

a) Charles Haley

b) Darren Woodson 

c) Larry Brown 

d) Rod Woodson 

31. Super Bowl XXXI 

The first special teams player to win Super Bowl MVP, Desmond Howard's third-quarter kickoff return spearhead the Packers to a 35-21 win over the Patriots. How long was Howard's return? 

a) 98 yards

b) 99 yards 

c) 100 yards

d) 101 yards 

32. Super Bowl XXXII

Despite not rushing for a single yard in the second quarter, Terrell Davis led the Broncos to their first Super Bowl after rushing for 157 yards and three touchdowns. What caused him to miss most of the second quarter? 

a) A migraine 

b) A toothache 

c) A jammed thumb 

d) He was poked in the eye 

33. Super Bowl XXXIII

This Hall of Fame quarterback rode off into the sunset after winning MVP honors in his team's 34-19 win. 

a) Brett Favre

b) Steve Young 

c) John Elway 

d) Troy Aikman 

34. Super Bowl XXXIV 

After leading for most of the game, the Rams had to hang on after Titans receiver Kevin Dyson was tackled 1 yard short of the end zone on the final play of the game. Which player tackled Dyson to preserve the Rams' 23-16 victory? 

a) London Fletcher 

b) Todd Lyght 

c) Kevin Carter 

d) Mike Jones 

35. Super Bowl XXXV

In what was an otherwise boring game (a 34-7 win by the Ravens), three touchdowns were scored in a record 36 seconds. How were these touchdowns scored? 

a) A pick-six and back-to-back kickoff returns 

b) A pass and back-to-back kickoff returns 

c) A punt return, a kickoff return, and a pass

d) Three kickoff returns 

36. Super Bowl XXXVI

In New England's 20-17 upset win over St. Louis, Tom Brady threw an 8-yard touchdown pass to David Patton. Besides being Brady's first Super Bowl touchdown pass, what else was significant about the play? 

a) It was the only touchdown pass allowed by the Rams that postseason 

b) It gave the Patriots the lead for good 

c) It was Patton's first career catch 

d) It was Brady's first career postseason touchdown pass 

37. Super Bowl XXXVII 

The Buccaneers picked off Rich Gannon a record five times en route to a 48-21 victory. How many of those interceptions were returned for touchdowns? 

a) 1

b) 2

c) 3

d) 4 

38. Super Bowl XXXVIII

After a scoreless third quarter, the Panthers and Patriots exploded for a combined 37 points during the final quarter of New England's 32-29 win. The scoring included the longest pass play in Super Bowl history. How long was the pass, and who were the quarterback and receiver who set the record? 

a) 85 yards, Jake Delhomme to Steve Smith 

b) 85 yards, Jake Delhomme to Muhsin Muhammad

c) 80 yards, Tom Brady to Deion Branch 

d) 85 yards, Tom Brady to Deion Branch 

39. Super Bowl XXXIX 

Which receiver famously caught nine passes for 121 yards despite playing through a severely sprained ankle and a fractured fibula? 

a) Terrell Owens

b) Michael Irvin 

c) Deion Branch

d) Randy Moss 

40. Super Bowl XL

With his team ahead 7-3 to start the second half, Willie Parker extended the Steelers' lead after recording the longest run in Super Bowl history. How long was the run? 

a) 65 yards 

b) 75 yards 

c) 80 yards 

d) 85 yards 

41. Super Bowl XLI 

For the first time in Super Bowl history, the game started with: 

a) Onside kick 

b) Touchdown on the first offensive play 

c) Kickoff return for a touchdown 

d) Touchback 

42. Super Bowl XLII

What color hoodie did Bill Belichick wear during his most infamous Super Bowl loss? 

a) Blue 

b) Gray

c) Black

d) Red 

43. Super Bowl XLIII 

By virtue of the Steelers' 27-23 win over the Cardinals, Mike Tomlin became the youngest head coach to win the Super Bowl. How old was he? 

a) 35

b) 36

c) 37

d) 38 

44. Super Bowl XLIV

During his team's 31-17 win over the Colts, Saints coach Sean Payton became the earliest coach in Super Bowl history to attempt what? 

a) Two-point conversion 

b) Fake punt 

c) Fake field goal 

d) Onside kick 

45. Super Bowl XLV

With a 31-25 win over the Steelers, the Packers joined the Giants and Washington as the only NFL franchises to do which of the following?

a) Win multiple Super Bowls as the underdog 

b) Win the Super Bowl as a wild-card team 

c) Win a Super Bowl with three different starting quarterbacks 

d) Play in a Super Bowl in three different decades

46. Super Bowl XLVI

Eli Manning, following his team's 21-17 win over the Patriots, became the fifth player with multiple Super Bowl MVP trophies. Which of these quarterbacks is not a member of that exclusive club? 

a) Peyton Manning

b) Tom Brady 

c) Terry Bradshaw

d) Joe Montana 

47. Super Bowl XLVII

Along with catching a touchdown pass, Jacoby Jones returned a kickoff for a touchdown that stands as the longest play in Super Bowl history. How long was his return? 

a) 101 yards 

b) 103 yards 

c) 105 yards

d) 108 yards 

48. Super Bowl XLVIII 

While his team was blown out by the Seahawks, Demaryius Thomas set a Super Bowl single-game record for receptions. How many passes did he catch? 

a) 11

b) 13

c) 15

d) 17 

49. Super Bowl XLIX 

Malcolm Butler came up with one of the biggest plays in Super Bowl history when he picked off Russell Wilson in the end zone with 26 seconds left. Which player was Wilson's intended receiver on the play? 

a) Doug Baldwin

b) Chris Matthews 

c) Ricardo Lockette 

d) Tyler Lockett 

50. Super Bowl 50 

Von Miller took home MVP honors after forcing two fumbles of Cam Newton in the Broncos' 23-10 victory. Miller also led his team in sacks. How many did he collect? 

a) 2 

b) 2.5

c) 3

d) 3.5 

51. Super Bowl LI 

Down 28-3, the Patriots rallied to defeat the Falcons in overtime. Which Patriots player scored the Super Bowl's first overtime touchdown? 

a) James White 

b) LeGarrette Blount 

c) Julian Edelman 

d) Tom Brady 

52. Super Bowl LII

In defeat, Tom Brady set a Super Bowl record for passing yards. How many yards did he throw for? 

a) 495

b) 500

c) 505 

d) 515 

53. Super Bowl LIII

The combined 16 points scored between the Patriots and Rams made this the lowest scoring Super Bowl.  How many plays were run in the red zone during this defensive slugfest? 

a) 0 

b) 1 

c) 2 

d) 3 

54. Super Bowl LIV

What Super Bowl record did the Chiefs break during their 31-20 win over the 49ers? 

a) Most yards passing 

b) Most third-down conversions 

c) Most fourth-down conversions 

d) Most fourth-quarter points scored 

55. Super Bowl LV 

Who caught Tom Brady's final Super Bowl touchdown pass? 

a) Rob Gronkowski 

b) Mike Evans 

c) Chris Godwin 

d) Antonio Brown 

56. Super Bowl LVI

Which of these receivers finished this Super Bowl with 100 receiving yards? 

a) Cooper Kupp 

b) Ja'Marr Chase

c) Tee Higgins

d) Odell Beckham Jr

57. Super Bowl LVI

What Super Bowl record did Jalen Hurts tie in a losing effort? 

a) Most rushing touchdowns 

b) Most rushing yards by a quarterback 

b) Most passing yards by a losing quarterback 

c) Most touchdown passes by a losing quarterback 

Answer key

Answers 1-10 : b, a, a, d, d, b, b, a, c, b

Answers 11-20: c, d, d, b, b, a, a, c, a, b

Answers  21-30: c, b, a, d, b, a, c, d, b, d

Answers 31-40:  b, a, c, d, a, d, c, b, a, b

Answers 41-50: c, d, b, d, c, a, d, b, c, b

Answers 51-57: a, c, b, d, d, c, a

How'd you do?

Based on how many questions you answered correctly, here's your evaluation if we were grading you as an NFL player. 

0-10: Practice squad 

11-20: Rookie 

21-30: Starter

31-40: Pro Bowler

41-49: All-Pro

50-57: Hall of Fame