If any NFL team decides to sign Jordan Lasley, they better make sure there are no ponds near their practice facility or their footballs might start disappearing. 

The former Ravens receiver was cut on Wednesday after a wild week at training camp that involved a fight with two teammates and a touchdown celebration involving a pond. Why a pond? You'll have to ask Lasley. 

The drama with Lasley started at practice on Monday after Ravens cornerback Cyrus Jones did something that Lasley didn't like. According to ESPN.com, Jones was going high in press coverage, which led to Lasley starting a fight. After the fight started, Ravens safety Bennett Jackson tried to break things up, but then Lasley tried to fight him. It's probably a good thing that no one else stepped in, because Lasley probably would have also fought them. 

A few plays after the fight, Lasley caught a touchdown pass and then proceeded to pull off the oddest TD celebration in NFL training camp history: He took the football and heaved it into a nearby pond. 

Jonas Shaffer of the Baltimore Sun caught a picture of the football, which was sitting between two patches of moss. 

Less than 48 hours after all this happened, the Ravens decided to cut him, with the team announcing the decision on Wednesday. According to coach John Harbaugh, the move had nothing to do with the fact that Lasley picked two fights and also presumably had nothing to do with the fact that Lasley wasted a perfectly good football by throwing it in a pond. 

"We never cut anyone for fighting," Harbaugh said Wednesday, via ESPN.com. "It's over a year now. From a fit perspective, in terms of what we're trying to do with our offense, other guys are going to be a better fit."

The move by the Ravens ends a highly unsuccessful one-year run for Lasley in Baltimore. The receiver joined the Ravens in 2018 after Baltimore made him a fifth-round pick, and although he made the roster his rookie year, Lasley didn't see any action on the field.