NFL: FEB 05 Super Bowl 50 - Commissioner Roger Goodell Press Conference
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The NFL and NFL Players Association agreed to new gambling policies on Friday, as CBS Sports Lead NFL Insider Jonathan Jones reported. The updated rules lessen the punishment for betting on non-NFL sports, while intensifying discipline for NFL wagering.

Any NFL-related bets from team facilities will now be punishable with at least a one-year suspension on first violation, and at least a two-year suspension for bets made on a player's own team. The league will also issue a permanent ban to anyone found to be "fixing" or attempting to "fix" games in order to win bets. Anyone found to be providing inside information or "tipping" to aid others' bets will also face an indefinite suspension, with a minimum absence of one year.

On the other hand, non-NFL sports bets from the workplace will result in a two-game suspension on first violation, while a six-game suspension will not be issued unless the policy is violated a second time. Previously, players could be suspended six games for placing any non-NFL sports bets while at team facilities.

As a result, Lions wide receiver Jameson Williams and Titans lineman Nicholas Petit-Frere, who had been suspended six games to open 2023, will be reinstated immediately following Week 4.  

Any players using a third party or "proxy" to bet on games will also be subject to an indefinite suspension of at least one year.