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Mike Pereira thinks Aaron Rodgers has a point about the current state of officiating in the NFL.

In a recent appearance on "The Pat McAfee Show," the Green Bay Packers quarterback said that all the best referees are leaving the NFL to take jobs in broadcasting because it pays more. Pereira, the former head of officiating in the NFL, said Rodgers might be onto something.

Speaking with the New York Post ahead of Super Bowl LVII, Pereira said that officials are often undervalued by the league. Pereira said the head of officiating might be the second most important position in the NFL.

"I liked his logic, but it didn't apply to me because I was already off the field and in the league office," Pereira said. "He has a point. I do feel that officiating is under-appreciated from the standpoint of the league. I think the job I had [as head of officiating] is the second-most important job in the league. I give Roger Goodell the No. 1 job, but I think what happens in officiating and the integrity of the game, I think that position is so important that if you get the right one you should do everything to not let them get away."

Despite the importance of having quality officiating every week, Pereira said the head of officiating is often overlooked, which is also the case in other major sports leagues.

"I don't think it's ever been looked at as a position, like the EVPs, in that top tier of executives, and I do think that's where it belongs," Pereira said. "It's not ever been that way, and it isn't that way in the NBA and MLB and I think it should be."

In his rant on the officiating, Rodgers offered up a simple solution to make sure the best officials remain on the field.

"If the league was smart, they would go grab one of those guys, pay them whatever they want, and make this a little easier for the refs," Rodgers said. "They have a tough job to do, but there's some things to be simplified."