Daniel Jones has had his fair share of struggles for the New York Giants in prime time, yet Monday's blowout loss to the Seattle Seahawks may be the worst one of all. This time, Jones' head coach even joined in on the frustration.

As Brian Daboll showed Jones the interception return for the touchdown by Devon Witherspoon on the team tablet, he shaked his head in frustration at his quarterback before throwing the tablet and walking away. The sign of frustration isn't an encouraging sign for a head coach who has a quarterback for four years at $40 million a year. 

Of course, Daboll was asked about the exchange with Jones and downplayed the conversation. 

"I'm not going to get the particulars of that," Daboll said after the game. "We just didn't get the job done." Daboll was later asked what he wanted Jones to do on that play. "To not throw an interception," Daboll replied. 

"No, I wouldn't throw a tablet there," Daboll said (via team transcript) when asked if he threw the tablet at Jones. "I just tossed it to the side because obviously it was a little bit of frustration, but, no, I wouldn't throw a tablet at him."

Jones had one of his worst performances in prime time, finishing 27 of 34 for 203 yards with no touchdowns and two interceptions (67.0 rating). The Giants quarterback isn't all to blame, as his offensive line gave up an astounding 11 sacks and the running backs had 17 carries for 37 yards. The Giants had 248 yards as a team and averaged 3.4 yards per play, scoring only three points in the loss. 

Jones fell to 1-12 in prime-time games with the loss, the worst of any quarterback in NFL history.