Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Gardner Minshew is quite the personality, and his unique look and talent were able to shine during this season. It's what created Minshew Mania. He rocked cutoff jean shorts, a headband, and a mustache this year, all while putting up numbers that earned him Offensive Rookie of the Month honors. He is now spending his offseason by adventuring across the country in an RV, because why not. 

He took to Instagram to tell fans about his plans. He captioned the video, "Sound On: Please Respect My Decision. #MilesWithMinshew"

This is a hashtag I will be following for the rest of the summer and I expect incredible content.

From the Instagram post:

"After a long rookie year, I've decided to take a step back, recenter myself the only way I know how ... hoppin in my brand new RV and touring this great country. So if you're anywhere between Jacksonville and L.A., I wanna hear from you: Places to see, anything for free, food to eat, people to meet. Hopefully I see y'all out there on the road, but until then, keep it rollin."

I feel you on the whole "free" thing Gardner, that's how I try to road trip too. 

The rookie QB ended the video with a peace sign that should become a meme and was wearing an incredible cutoff beer and leaf button down with jean shorts that were, uhhh, very short. 

Jaguars punter Logan Cooke commented, "Bruh wuttt..."

A lot of players spend the offseason back at home or working out, but I expect nothing less than something like this from Minshew. 

Washington State running back Max Borghi commented, "This is the most Gardner Minshew thing I have ever seen."

The QB has already filed trademarks for "Minshew Mania," "Mississippi Mustache" and "Minshew Magic," so maybe he will work on an apparel line while he adventures, or even add "Miles with Minshew" to that list.

I have no clue where Gardner will end up, but I don't think he knows either -- he seems like the "go with the flow" type.  No matter where he goes, it is sure to be entertaining and there will likely be a lot of unreal outfits on the road.