Giants backup safety Tyler Sash has been suspended without pay for the first four regular season games of the 2012 NFL season for violating the league’s performance-enhancing substance abuse policy.

Sash can continue to participate in training camp and can play in the preseason, but cannot join the team until Monday, Oct. 1.

Sash released a statement, claiming that he failed the test because of a legal prescription for Adderall and that he never intended to get a competitive advantage:

“I took a prescription drug (Adderall) legally under a doctor's care for an anxiety condition during the off season in March of this year. The purpose was to help me with public speaking appearances. I had no idea that this prescription drug was banned by NFL policy. Although I take full responsibility for this situation, I also want to state that I have never cheated or taken performance-enhancing drugs, and I frown on those who do. I am highly disappointed by the league's decision in this matter, but I will continue to do my best on and off the field. From this point on, I will be more conscientious about every single thing I put in my body. Once again, I want to reiterate that I have never been and will never be associated in any way with performance-enhancing drugs. The timing of this positive test was March 2012, a time during which there is no physical performance required of me. I hope this explanation reinforces my innocence and shows that my intentions were pure.”

Sash’s teammate running back Andre Brown also was suspended four games for violating the league’s PED policy earlier this year, but won his appeal because he had a legal prescription for Adderall that the league previously knew about, but that he failed to properly document prior to minicamp.

Veteran safety Deon Grant is still a free agent, and he was a major contributor for the Giants over the last two seasons, accumulating 101 tackles on 32 regular season games.

General manager Jerry Reese previously stated he’d consider bringing back the 13-year veteran ironman (Grant has never missed a game).

“We always keep the book open on everything and keep all of our options open,” Reese said. “You never know what will happen, but we have some young safeties we want to take a look at. Deon is still out there and he did a really nice job for us last year, so we’ll keep those options open.”

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