Giants S Tyler Sash has quietly been battling for some clarity on his four-game suspension for violating the league’s policy on performance-enhancing substances.

Sash previously claimed he had an Adderall prescription he failed to disclose to the league, but while teammate Andre Brown had his suspension overturned under similar circumstances, Sash’s appeal has been upheld.

That’s why Sash, who is allowed to work with the Giants in the preseason, had a 4 p.m. meeting with commissioner Roger Goodell on Monday. The second-year Iowa product was looking for an “explanation,” or, preferably, a different ruling. But according to sources familiar with the situation, the ruling was upheld. The Star-Ledger first reported the news. 

“I’m just going in there open minded and anything that comes of it is meant to be,” Sash said after Monday’s practice. “I’m the type of person, I’m going to continue on."

Even if the suspension were overturned, Sash would likely be sidelined for a while anyway. He injured his ankle during Sunday’s practice, and while he remains optimistic, it’s still an obstacle he needs to overcome.

 “I basically had the same thing in college,” Sash said. “Just got like some bone spurs and it locked up on me. I don’t really understand it “

 Sash said he’s still hopeful he can play in the final preseason game on Wednesday, but if that can’t happen, he’s reserved himself to the idea that his next game could be Week 5 against the Browns.

 During his suspension, Sash said he will continue to train, but he won’t be allowed in the team facility. He’s been checking out some local gyms as well as locations in California and Florida where he could train while he’s suspended.

 Sash also admitted that he feels a sense of urgency to get back on the field before his suspension, because he knows that almost nobody’s job is guaranteed in this league. 

"Peyton Manning got cut by the Colts,” Sash said. “If Peyton Manning gets cut, nobody in the NFL is safe. Maybe Eli, but everybody else, it’s a business.”

 Sash is isn’t sure when Goodell will respond. 

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