As we reported earlier, coach Tom Coughlin spent some of Monday morning talking to the Giants players about the controversial YouTube video of defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul dunking cornerback Prince Amukamara into an ice bath. And while both Amukamara and Pierre-Paul insisted that the incident was typical training camp horseplay, Coughlin took issue with several aspects of the situation.

First of all, Coughlin objected to the video being posted on YouTube by punter Steve Weatherford.

“It was wrong for Steve to do that because there’s trust in the locker room,” Coughlin said, adding, “You don’t think for one minute that would have happened if they said it was going to be published.”

But beyond the privacy issues, Coughlin was offended by the language the players were using and the risk of injury to Amukamara.

“We have to be a good example for the young people,” Coughlin said.

Coughlin will not change the Giants’ social media policy (he said the only thing he asks is that everyone is respectful to each other’s rights), and he wouldn’t divulge what punishments, if any, would be handed out.

“That’s between the players and me,” Coughlin said.

Coughlin has sat down with all of the players involved with the exception of Pierre-Paul, but that meeting will happen, he said.

Amukamara actually approached Coughlin on Sunday afternoon to discuss the situation. The Giants coach said Amukamara wanted to “assure me that there was nothing, no issue between he and any other player.”

Another picture previously surfaced on Twitter that depicted rookie receiver Rueben Randle being bound and dropped into the ice bath. Current teammate and fellow LSU product Corey Webster was the person who tweeted that picture, but Coughlin wasn’t interested in discussing it with the media on Monday.

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