The Manning brothers both had very successful NFL careers. Peyton Manning finished as a first ballot Hall of Famer, leaving an undisputed legacy that included four Super Bowl appearances and two wins. Eli Manning also has two Super Bowl victories, with one of them coming against a previously undefeated New England Patriots team. They each created a long list of accomplishments, but they're brothers, which means no matter what, they will see be competitive.

The Manning brothers got to show off their competitive side once again in the Pro Bowl, this time as head coaches. Peyton took the AFC side and Eli lead the NFC side, with Eli's squad coming out victorious.

After the game, Eli said this win cements himself as the best of the two in the coaching realm. 

"It's official, you can't doubt it, I am the greatest coach of the Mannings," Eli said after the NFC's win. "I am so much better at coaching than Peyton it's unbelievable. The NFC won, the guys bought in, they played awesome."

Peyton has two championship rings, a gold jacket and countless other accolades, so a Pro Bowl loss to his little brother would not bother him too much, right? Wrong. Peyton did not looked thrilled about how the game came to an end.

Before the games, Eli predicted that Peyton would be the inferior coach, saying (via "Dan Patrick Show"), "Peyton would make a terrible coach. He was so good at seeing plays (on the field). ... From the sideline, he wouldn't be able to do all those things. I think it would be a very frustrating experience for him, and it would come across to the players."

The Pro Bowl was different this year, consisting of skills competitions, where players can earn points that are added to their cumulative score. The events were capped off by three flag football games between the two conferences. The NFC came from behind to win by an accumulative score of 35-33.

When they were players, Eli was a four-time Pro Bowler while Peyton earned a Pro Bowl spot 14 times.