Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeff Lurie wants a head coach who is innovative, but he also said that scheme is secondary to leadership.

He wants somebody who sees the big picture and somebody who can restore order to a chaotic team.

And Lurie said he is confident he will find somebody who can do that and lead the next era of Eagles football.

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Andy Reid was fired as coach of the Eagles on Monday and Lurie -- the man who both hired and fired the winningest coach in franchise history -- said the search for a new coach has already started, though he hasn’t contacted or interviewed anybody.

Lurie said he wasn’t looking for an offensive or defensive coach in particular and he said he will look at all worthy candidates, whether they’re college coaches or NFL assistants.

“No stone unturned,’’ Lurie said. “We've got our target list, and it's from all sides.”

Candidates could include Dirk Koetter, the offensive coordinator of the Atlanta Falcons -- there was a report on Monday that Lurie had already contacted Koetter, but Lurie denied it and said he hasn’t contacted anybody yet.

If Lurie selects an offensive-minded coach as expected, likely candidates include Denver offensive coordinator Mike McCoy, Cincinnati offensive coordinator Jay Gruden and Green Bay quarterbacks coach Ben McAdoo, who has the same title Reid had when Lurie hired him in 1999.

Lurie said the Eagles’ three-man search committee will consist of him, general manager Howie Roseman and team president Don Smolenski.

Lurie also said the new coach will make the determination as to whether Nick Foles will be the Eagles’ quarterback of the future and also decide which assistant coaches to hire.

Lurie also said he’ll take his time and make sure he makes the right choice.

“There’s no guarantee that I’ll make a great decision,’’ Lurie said, “but I’m confident that I will.”

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