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A.J. Brown has been one of Jalen Hurts' biggest fans -- and closest friends -- for a long time. The star wide receiver said prior to 2022 that the quarterback was a big reason he landed in Philadelphia in the first place. Now, Brown is making clear that he wants Hurts in Philly for as long as possible. Fresh off a Super Bowl LVII appearance, the receiver joined the "Raw Room" podcast Tuesday and joked that if the Eagles don't extend Hurts on a long-term contract, they might as well trade him away.

"I'm definitely going to do everything in my power to play as long with Jalen as I can, him and DeVonta (Smith)," Brown said. "Me and DeVonta, man, we're a great tandem. I'm definitely going to try to keep that going as long as I can. (Smith is) up and rising on another level. (And), shoot, at some point he's gonna be up (for his own contract).

"So definitely you wanna try to keep the team together, man," Brown continued. "(But) they gotta give Jalen the house, the building, the state, everything. ... They gotta pay him. ... Because, listen, I love Philly. But if you do not pay this man, just ship me off wherever he finna go. Listen, you talk about pressure? Howie, get it done."

Brown's last remarks, directed toward the camera (and Eagles general manager Howie Roseman), came with a smile. He added immediately afterward that he's confident they'll "get it done."

Hurts, meanwhile, has declined to go public with his own contract desires. Days after his Super Bowl loss to the Chiefs, in which he turned in a historic performance with four touchdowns, the QB postponed any discussions of a potential extension.

"The thing that I'm most focused on is winning," Hurts told reporters. "The only thing I care about is winning and, ultimately, winning championships. So there will be a day where that conversation can be had, but that day isn't today."

As a 2020 second-round draft pick, Hurts will technically enter a contract season in 2023. But the Eagles have also pledged their commitment to him, with owner Jeffrey Lurie saying prior to the Super Bowl that Hurts has already proven himself as a long-term starter. He could conceivably command anywhere from $40-50 million per year on a new deal.