Most of the big-name deals of the 2024 NFL offseason have come and gone, with free agency in the rear view and April's draft around the corner. But that doesn't mean teams are finished exploring the trade market. Sometimes, in fact, the draft's approach and arrival only serve to intensify prospective negotiations involving expendable veterans.

With that in mind, here are five notable names who could still be moved before or during the 2024 NFL Draft:

There isn't exactly a strong market for a former top-three pick whose erratic quarterbacking resulted in multiple demotions, but at just 24 with dual-threat traits, Wilson could be a low-risk reclamation project for a contender. The return would almost certainly not exceed that which the Bears or Patriots got for Justin Fields and Mac Jones, respectively. But one thing's for sure: The Jets have had their fill, with the aging but superior Aaron Rodgers once again back in the saddle.

Potential suitors: Chiefs, Rams, Saints

The Buccaneers have operated like a team focused entirely on the present, retaining Baker Mayfield, Mike Evans, Lavonte David and Antoine Winfield Jr. in a classic "run-it-back" offseason. In that case, they may prefer Godwin to stick as a reliable, if unspectacular, starter. But he's entering the final year of an expensive deal, due a whopping $27.5 million in 2024, and Evans is commanding top dollar on his own new deal. Maybe they'd be open to replacing his role via the draft.

Potential suitors: Cardinals, Patriots, Ravens

Judon is a prolific player at a premium position, but with reason to relocate. From his perspective, New England is rebuilding under a new coach. From the team's perspective, Judon is solid but coming off an injury, going on 32 years old and entering a contract year. The return for a player of his age might not be overwhelming, but the cap relief and/or draft compensation could enable New England to pour more resources into longer-term building blocks.

Potential suitors: Buccaneers, Rams, Ravens

Baker briefly sought a trade last offseason before getting a slight raise from Arizona. The Cardinals can certainly afford his pricey deal with so much cap space, but they also have a younger Jalen Thompson on the back end of Jonathan Gannon's defense. If they can get a solid pick in return, they might prefer another younger investment on a seemingly ascending unit. Baker's versatility and physical punch, meanwhile, could be appealing to teams more suited to contend.

Potential suitors: Bills, Colts, 49ers