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After the Los Angeles Lakers completed an enormous comeback to pull out a 121-112 victory over the Portland Trail Blazers on Sunday night, Patrick Beverley had some fun at Damian Lillard's expense. While walking off the court, Beverley mocked Lillard's famed "Dame Time" celebration in which he taps on his wrist after making a clutch play. 

Beverley tapped on his wrist like Lillard does, but he then pretended his watch was broken, so he took it off and shoved it in his pocket: 

It was an amusing celebration from Beverley, who also delivered a halftime speech to the Lakers when they were down 25 points. His words apparently fired the team up and spurred the second-half comeback. 

"Told the guys, 'Just turn our swag up,'" Beverley said of his speech after the game. "Understand we're fortunate to play a game that gives us stability to take care of our families, be able to live a lifestyle, a fortunate lifestyle that a lot of people dream about. ...So regardless of what's going on, have fun with this shit. Stay swaggy. That was my message, and we came out and responded."

The Lakers went on to outscore Portland 75-41 in the second half to pull out arguably their most impressive victory of the season. Beverley's stats in the game don't jump off the page -- four points, two assists, two steals and two rebounds -- but he was a game-high +27 in his 29 minutes of action, thanks largely to his defensive effort and intensity. 

"I think it's inspiring, man," Lakers coach Darvin Ham told reporters of Beverley's performance after the game. "When you step out on this floor at this level, you have to feel like you're one of the best ... and believe it. And he's been consistent in that regard, in terms of trying to provide a spark... We've brought him here to be a defensive agitator on behalf of the Lakers in a good manner. And he's done that. And tonight, it was on full display, as well." 

The loss was obviously a rough one for the Blazers, but the good news for Portland is that they won't have to wait too long to get a chance for some revenge. The two teams are scheduled to meet again in Portland on Feb. 13.