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New York Mets closer Edwin Diaz took the baseball world by storm this past season with his entrance song, 'Narco.' The song made for some electric moments at Citi Field, but New York Yankees closer Mariano Rivera was not all that impressed.

When the song blew up last season, multiple outlets ranked 'Narco' among the best entrance songs in baseball history, right behind Rivera's 'Enter Sandman.' Despite all that love, Rivera doesn't think the two songs are close in terms of their significance.

In an interview with Fox 5 New York, Rivera said 'Enter Sandman' is easily the more iconic entrance song because of how many times it was played during the biggest moments in baseball.

"There's no comparison," Rivera said. "There's no comparison there. That song was there for 17 years and many championships, so there's no comparison."

'Enter Sandman' blared inside Yankee Stadium for five World Series championships as Rivera built a Hall of Fame career in New York. There are few, if any, more recognizable entrance songs in baseball.

There is no denying the entertainment value that 'Narco' brings when it's played in Citi Field, but Mets fans didn't get to hear it much in the 2022 playoffs. The Mets fell to the San Diego Padres in the Wild Card Series.

The good news for Diaz is that he will get another chance to build on the legacy of 'Narco' this season as the Mets will be expected to make a deep postseason run.