The February update to the Dynasty Trade Chart adds, for the first time, a full listing of 2023 Round 1 rookie picks. I've also added 2024 picks by round, and 2023 second and third-round picks. If this feels like the beginning of draft season, it should. Dave Richard also added our first 2023 NFL Draft profile of Bryce Young earlier this week. Expect more draft profiles, rookie rankings, rookie-only mocks, and more in the coming weeks. And make sure you bookmark our Dynasty Landing Page so you don't miss anything. 

I also ran some Twitter polls to determine where I stood versus the consensus on the value of rookie picks. The consensus was that I'm too low on every pick besides the second pick. You may be wondering how I could be too low on 1.01 when I have it ranked at No. 5 overall. Well, that's only if you haven't been paying attention to the hype around Bijan Robinson. 

Robinson may just be the best running back prospect of this generation and I've slotted him in at RB2 between Jonathan Taylor and Breece Hall for now. But a lot of the feedback I'm getting is that Robinson should be the 1.01 in start up drafts, not just rookie drafts. I cannot imagine moving him ahead of Justin Jefferson or Ja'Marr Chase, but if he winds up a first round pick by a contender that looks primed to use him as a feature back? He'll absolutely be RB1 coming out of the gate.

Before we get to the actual trade chart, remember that this is for one-QB leagues that reward six points per pass touchdown and one point per reception. If you're in a league where you can start two quarterbacks, then all QBs should get a 20-point boost and rookie picks should get a boost as well. I'd have three rookie picks in my top 20 in Superflex, maybe in my top 15. 

As we dive into prospect profiles and gain a better idea of where the gaps are, I'll shift a few of these values but the final thing you should remember is that these picks are worth more to rebuilders and less to contenders. Don't be afraid of a slight overpay if you're serving your team's best interests. Here is my updated Dynasty trade chart: