When it comes to the NFL Draft, there are a lot of people involved in the decision-makings process for each team, from executives to coaches to scouts. The Baltimore Ravens are also getting their quarterback involved.

Ravens head coach John Harbaugh said Lamar Jackson is sharing his opinions on who Baltimore should pick in the April event. During NFL's Annual League Meeting, Harbaugh noted that he and Jackson have similar thoughts regarding college prospects.

"He is looking at guys now," Harbaugh said (via ESPN). "He and I agree on a few guys. We haven't disagreed on anybody yet. We're sharing our vision together."

This is not Jackson's first run at being a part-time quarterback, part-time scout. Jackson broke down every receiver in the draft from South Florida after the 2022 season, giving Ravens general manager Eric DeCosta his notes. With the No. 22 pick in that following draft, the Ravens took pass catcher and Fort Lauderdale native Zay Flowers, who led the team in receiving yards last season.

It is no surprise the defending NFL MVP wants a say in who he throws to and with wide receivers Odell Beckham Jr. and Devin Duvernay both exiting this offseason and other receivers nearing the end of their contracts, the team has a hole to fill on offense. 

Last year, DeCosta said Jackson has "strong opinions" on the prospects and it seems those strong opinions are also present this year.

The Ravens' first three picks are currently No. 30, No. 62 and No. 93. 

Baltimore has drafted seven wide receivers over the past six years and whether the Ravens take someone at that position with their first-round pick is something we will have to wait until April 25 to find out. The team also has to address its offensive line.

At the NFL Scouting Combine in February, DeCosta spoke about wide receivers, complementing the prospects in this year's draft.

"That's a position where some of these guys are like race cars; they break down at times," DeCosta said. "And so, having depth at that position is critical, [and] we saw that this year. We think we built the room out pretty well this year and were able to sustain some injuries along the way. So, we will look at that. I think it's a very, very deep year in the draft. This draft class is pretty impressive from a receiver standpoint."

The Ravens offense already got a major addition, when the team added running back Derrick Henry in free agency.

Harbaugh says there is "no doubt" that the offense will "look different."

"That's the one thing we believe in -- keeping it moving. You can never keep it the same," Harbaugh said. 

When figuring out how the Ravens often will look next season, Harbaugh wants Jackson to have a lot of say. 

"He'll come back, and he'll look at everything, and we'll want to know what he thinks," Harbaugh said. "Like, 'Do you prefer this or this? Are you comfortable in this direction or that direction? What do you like? [Are there] any other ideas you had since we talked last?' I believe he'll be a big part of the architecture of the offense."

The Ravens are once again expected to make a deep playoff run and Jackson says he is more motivated than ever to win a championship. The Ravens were just eight points away from a Super Bowl appearance, but fell to the defending and eventual champion Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Championship.