Knighton's a terror for opposing quarterbacks. (Getty Images)

On Monday, we passed along the news that Jaguars defensive tackle Terrance Knighton had eye surgery after an "incident" at a Jacksonville-area nightclub.

The team said they were in the process of "gathering information." Some of that information is very not good, as the police report filed by the Jacksonville's Sheriff's Office states that Knighton and a friend "repeatedly made threats to shoot people."

According to the officer who arrived on the scene, via Gregg Rosenthal of, Knighton and a friend named "Spoon" caused quite a disturbance outside of the nightclub "Pure."

"While outside the club, subject Knighton and his friend 'Spoon' repeatedly made threats to shoot people after having been brought outside," the arrest report reads. "It took several minutes to control these subjects and get them off the property. These subjects were told several times to leave, but they refused. Club promoters had to physically force the subjects into their vehicle, which was an orange dodge challenger."

Tania Ganguli of the Florida Times-Union reports that Knighton was "hit in the face with a liquor bottle and he did not instigate the altercation that led to the injury."

It'll be interesting to see how the Jaguars and the NFL handle this. There were no arrests made, so Knighton won't be subject to the same discipline as he might if he ended up in jail. But threatening to "shoot people" is never a good move, especially when it ends up in a public police report.

Ganguli does make a good point, however -- there is no mention of attempting to help Knighton with his injuries by the police officer. And if Knighton ultimately didn't do anything against the law and still ended up with a serious eye injury as a result of getting hit with a liquor bottle, it's hard to blame him too much for what happened.

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