Daniel Jones led the New York Giants to a victory over a relief appearance from fellow rookie Dwayne Haskins, Baker Mayfield's Cleveland Browns upended Lamar Jackson's Baltimore Ravens, and Carolina Panthers quarterback Kyle Allen got his second win in as many starts this season on the road in Houston. 

Jones became the second quarterback in Giants' history to start his career 2-0 and Allen became the first in Panthers history to start 3-0, but how did each youthful passer play when I broke down the game tape, you ask?

Each week, I dig deep and grade these quarterbacks on a per-snap basis taking every individual aspect of their performance into account. And I'm now assigning a cumulative grade for the signal callers who've played significant snaps in more than one game.  

Gardner MinshewJaguars

After a miss down the field, Minshew had a throw with great timing on an out route on the first drive. He waited inside the pocket, but the throw into the end zone was incomplete because it was made into tight coverage. He held the ball too long on his first sack.

Also in the first half, Minshew didn't like what he initially saw and dropped his head before being sacked by Von Miller. He had an impressive step up into the pocket and threw with noticeable velocity over the middle on a third down. The throw was inaccurate and fell incomplete. On a play nullified by holding, Minshew was masterful. He started left then found a receiver down the right sideline in a Cover 2 hole. 

Minshew was awesome eluding a free rusher and found a receiver near the sideline on a play taken off the stat sheet due to penalty. In the third quarter, he made a darn good throw -- back shoulder -- to D.J. Chark deep, but it was just out of bounds. On a crucial third and 14 conversion, Minshew did another escape act before finding a receiver coming back to the ball. He was unreal weaving through traffic in the pocket before finding Ryquell Armstead on the left side of the end zone for a score. Minshew's second touchdown was a gorgeous play design but required a good, accurate throw with velocity. He missed deep while under pressure on a play-action long ball then looked left and back over the middle to find a shallow cross for big third-down conversion late. On the game-winning drive, Minshew demonstrated ideal patience and accuracy on a deep cross to Dede Westbrook, and the timing and placement were solid on an out route that got Jaguars closer for the field goal attempt.

Grade: B+
Cumulative Grade: B- 

Baker Mayfield, Browns

The numbers were rather gaudy for Mayfield against the Ravens, especially in the ever-important yards-per-attempt category (he averaged 11.4 yards per attempt in this one). And while it was a clear individual improvement for the first pick in the 2018 Draft compared to his first three contests of 2019, the effort wasn't as impressive as the statistics. 

After getting his first pass batted at the line and getting sacked on third down when he looked right then had to hold the football, Mayfield found Landry over the middle off playaction, and with antsy feet, remained decently calm, kept his head up and connected with Damion Ratley on an early third-down conversion. 

The touchdown to Ricky Seals-Jones was relatively easy, and possibly a blown coverage by Baltimore. Mayfield did start the play by looking right then found the tight end -- who was wide open -- crossing from right to left. Cleveland was very screen heavy early, which mitigated Baltimore's pass rush. 

He zinged a pass to Landry over the middle off another playaction fake then had a RPO (run-pass option) intercepted. On that play, Mayfield tried a quick sling of a throw to his star slot receiver. But it just wasn't there. Later, he pumped and threw behind Landry on an out-breaking route then was panicky on short pass to Odell Beckham in tight coverage that was knocked away. In the red zone near the end of the first half, Mayfield drifted back and away from a decently clean pocket, and his throw was late. The pass was broken up. 

There was another coverage bust Mayfield exploited on a down the numbers throw to Seals-Jones for a huge gain. Early in the third, Mayfield stared down, pumped a few times, then sunk backward on another throw to Beckham that was knocked away. Mayfield had two nice back-shoulders in the second half -- one to Seals-Jones, another to Beckham. Overall, the Browns' game plan was significantly smarter against Baltimore than it had been in the first three weeks of the season, and it took a lot off Mayfield's plate. His pocket presence was better too but still has a ways to go to be considered an impressive part of his game. 

Grade: C+

Cumulative Grade: C

Lamar Jackson, Ravens

Jackson wasn't brutal against Cleveland, easily the best defense he's faced this season. He wasn't a game changer either. He got sacked when a swing pass wasn't open on the first drive and showcased good zip and timing on an out to Mark Andrews early. 

He then found Andrews on a playaction throw in the void of zone coverage but the pass was dropped. Later, he stepped up into the pocket and located Chris Moore alone down the sideline. The receiver caught the pass but was narrowly out of bounds. On his first touchdown, Jackson demonstrated rare pocket-management skills. He actually stopped his rollout and moved up to into the pocket before finding Miles Boykin for the score. Jackson had a downfield strike off playaction and a ridiculous scramble early in the third quarter but was sacked after he morphed into a runner too early inside the pocket. 

After that, Jackson threw well short on a third down comeback route from a clean but collapsing pocket. A similar play occurred later when he found his receiver over the middle when he was unable to step into his throw. Marquise Brown dropped a rocket of a throw on a slant through tight coverage. Early in the fourth quarter, Jackson's improvisational capabilities were on full display on an insane flip throw as he was being brought to the turf. He showcased good patience and pocket drifting on a throw to his second read, but the pass into the end zone was low.  His second touchdown was a wide open touch throw from in close to Andrews.  After a miscommunication on a fourth-down incompletion, he demonstrated perfect timing and accuracy on out-breaking route late in the game. 

Jackson's interception was a stunning example of his arm strength, patience, and ability to move through his progressions. The ball hung a split second too long and was kind of forced. Baltimore needed amazing from Jackson in this game and simply didn't get it.

Grade: B-

Cumulative Grade: B

Kyle Allen, Panthers

Allen looked like he belonged for the second-straight week in Carolina's win over the Texans, yet some of the same issues that popped up against the Cardinals in Week 3 were apparent in Week 4, most namely his pocket presence. 

Early on, he looked right, then left -- you like seeing the full-field read -- but stepped up but late and was stripped as he was being sacked. There was a late on throw over the middle to Greg Olsen in the first quarter that was knocked away. Allen showed off his arm with a dime on a long seam throw to Curtis Samuel down the seam, but the defensive back made an textbook play to disrupt the receiver's concentration at the last second. Incomplete. The game still needs to speed up a bit for Allen.

Allen also made a seemingly simple completion to Chris Hogan over the middle in the first half, but it started with him scanning left, then calmly coming back to the middle. Later, Allen stood in the pocket then drifted backwards and to his right for basically no reason. The result? Another strip sack. In the third, he was stripped sacked again from the frontside when he needed move forward toward the center when he needed to. 

Allen proved he can be patient in the pocket on a long ball later in the game, but the pass was overthrown. He was nearly picked on a throw down the sidelines from the far hash in the fourth quarter. His big arm was on display on a 2nd and 16 out to Samuel,  then he drastically missed short on a downfield attempt on third and short midway through the fourth quarter. The ball hit the defender in the back. The biggest play of the game from Allen came on an otherworldly escape from J.J. Watt late in the game. He then found Jarius Wright downfield wide open. 

Grade: C

Cumulative Grade: C+

Dwayne Haskins, Redskins

It was an NFL debut to forget for Haskins. 

On his first attempt, he impressively got to his second read and the connection was made near the sideline, but the throw took a while to arrive. There were good timing and velocity on a third and 6 throw to Trey Quinn. The pass was slightly behind but catchable. There was a nice play-action throw in the red zone, Haskins put the ball where it needed to be -- high -- but it got knocked away. 

Then things went off the rails. Haskins missed on out route from a clean pocket near goalline to Vernon Davis. He got to his second read but wasn't able to use the lower half of his body on the throw over the middle. It was late, lacked velocity, and got picked. There was a low throw with decent anticipation to Robert Davis near the end of the half. Haskins showed encouraging pocket patience but waited too long when a check down was there. The play ended in a sack at the start of the third. He then left the pocket when he didn't need to but found a receiver near the sideline. 

Later, Haskins didn't step into the vacancy in the pocket and was sacked from the backside. His second interception was a force down the sideline to Paul Richardson. He then faded away from a clean-pocket throw, which fell short of its intended target and should've been picked. His last interception of the day wasn't his fault, as it bounced off Vernon Davis' hands, but the timing between the two players was off -- the tight end never expected the ball to arrive when it did.

Grade: F

Daniel Jones, Giants

Jones had a nice improvisational completion to start then departed backward and to his right from a perfectly structured pocket on a 4th and short yet ripped the ball for the completion. Then there was a potential miscommunication with Evan Engram -- who got bumped -- over the middle. Should've been picked. 

Jones made a great tight-window throw on a third down in the red zone. He exhibited ideal patience and got through his progressions to find Wayne Gallman for the first touchdown. He later looked left, moved back and to his right then found a receiver open for a third-down conversion. Jones was picked on a play-action deep crosser, when he didn't see the deeper defender and the ball hung. That pass was one of his only longer throws all afternoon. Jones had a nice slide inside the pocket on another crosser (from the slot), but the throw didn't need to be made. It was undercut and picked. A deep ball down the middle to Bennie Fowler was nearly snagged by Josh Norman. He finished by missing on a touch throw and misfired on a fourth down. 

In general, Jones did good work in the short crossing/stick route game against Washington. He struggled elsewhere. Of course, he also made multiple plays with his legs to keep drives alive for the Giants. 

Grade: C

Cumulative Grade: C+

Kyler Murray, Cardinals

Murray was under duress all game against Seattle -- just as he has been for all of the 2019 season behind this offensive line -- and didn't give us the wow throws he'd demonstrated in Arizona's first three games. After a coverage sack on the first drop back, Murray had a play where he started to scramble, then stopped, kept his eyes up, and found David Johnson on the other side of the field for a third and 8 conversion.

He overthrew Terrell Sherfield in the end zone. Murray then was patient in the pocket before deploying a spin move to elude pressure before finding Johnson on an inside dump off. He overextended on a bootleg to the left side of the field and took a big sack. 

After nearly running out of the back of the end zone, he stood in and found Johnson on another dump off but overthrow him on a very short throw. A few sacks simply weren't his fault and came via free rushers. Murray's finest play against the Seahawks came when he looked right, started to scramble, didn't like what he saw, then scooted back to his left and ripped an accurate pass to Larry Fitzgerald near the sideline. In general, Murray and the Cardinals' offense was overwhelmed in this contest. 

Grade: D+

Cumulative Grade: C- 

Mason Rudolph, Steelers

The Steelers went super gimmicky against the Bengals at home on Monday Night Football, and it worked. It was the second-straight game Rudolph was not asked to do much -- or work the intermediate portions of the field -- very much at all. 

On a first and 10 early, Rudolph got out of the pocket and got the ball to Vannett near the sideline. There was a miscommunication on a third down with JuJu Smith-Schuster. Rudolph got to his second read on a sprint out which resulted in a James Conner touchdown. The throw was easy, but he got off the read into the flat to find the running back moving down the field. All evening, Rudolph was very quick to get through his progressions and found his backs often. There were two good timing throws to Diontae Johnson on comeback routes. Rudolph waited then escaped to his left before finding Vannett later in the game. The defender had his backed turned, and Rudolph fit the ball over his shoulder. 

The touchdown to Johnson was a good but not overly difficult read of the deep safety who took the deep route going in the other direction. The receiver was wide open, the throw was on target, and came after Rudolph subtly stepped up as edge pressure was mounting. The game plan was simple and short-pass based, but Rudolph took what the defense gave him all evening and only had four incomplete passes. A small part of his statistical output was bolstered by easy tap passes behind the line that were essentially jet sweeps.

Grade: B-

Cumulative Grade: C

Josh Allen, Bills

It was an ugly start, which leaked into an ugly first half, that transformed into an impressive opening drive of the third quarter before Allen was knocked out of the game on a scramble at the start of the fourth. He had trouble identifying the blitz and reacting to it all game. 

His first interception was late and forced. The throw was a long one on a line but shouldn't have been made. He missed on a speed out to Cole Beasley and forced a pass down the sideline to John Brown. Allen zinged a slant Beasley on an RPO then overthrew Brown on a deep ball while fading away. Allen nearly left a clean pocket but stopped. He then took a really bad sack which pushed Buffalo out of field goal range. He waited before heaving a long ball to Zay Jones that was well underthrown while under pressure. It was intercepted. 

Allen ripped another RPO -- this time to Brown -- then missed on a flag route to Beasley. Had he come off his initial read, Allen likely would've seen Jones running across the field in the other direction. In the red zone, he looked left then his head instantly dropped. The pressure got there decently quickly. Sack. 

There was a super-deep long ball to Zay -- who had a step -- that was just overthrown. It would've been a touchdown. In the two minute series before the half, Allen threw a nice jump ball to Dawson Knox. He showcased pocket patience, but didn't drift up in time and was sacked again, and the Bills missed field goal on the next play. On the first drive of the third quarter, Allen surveyed, waited, and found Yeldon for a 19-yard gain.  Later, he pumped, scrambled, but kept his head up and found Beasley on the run. There was another scramble sack before a brutal hero ball toss into traffic. The pressure got in his face right away. 

Allen threw a laser on dig to Brown. On the play in which he was injured, Allen was pressured rapidly from the frontside and ran to try to get the first down on a big third and 8. Allen made a small collection of good throws in this one but had just as many easy misfires, made an assortment of bad decisions, and wasn't able to pull the trigger on a handful of other plays. 

Grade: D

Cumulative Grade: C+ 

Josh Rosen, Dolphins

Rosen started with an awkward touch throw that was tipped then caught by a deeper receiver. His touchdown came on a good pass to Preston Williams down the sideline. It wasn't spectacular. The receiver had a few steps on the corner, and there was no safety in sight. 

Later, Rosen looked down the middle then fired to Williams near the sideline. It was almost picked but just squeaked through. He stepped up and out of the pocket as the edges collapsed in the red zone before dropping a nice touch throw to Kenyan Drake. But the running back was just out of bounds in the endzone. 

Rosen also looked left then down the middle to convert a third down through traffic. He slid into the pocket and threw to his right with three-quarters delivery near the sideline and forced a throw into traffic near the sideline before not seeing the underneath defender on his interception.

Grade: C-

Cumulative Grade: C+