Julius Thomas used to be a Bronco. Now, he just pretends to ride Broncos.

Jay Cutler and Thomas both began their careers in Denver, but now they both play for the Dolphins. On Sunday, the Dolphins hosted the Broncos, which means Cutler and Thomas had a chance to take some revenge against their former team. 

They did exactly that in the second quarter when Cutler found Thomas for a 9-yard touchdown, which handed the Dolphins a 9-3 lead. That wasn't the interesting part. The interesting part was Thomas' celebration. 

He decided to pretend to ride a Bronco:

To sum up: The Broncos just allowed a touchdown to Jay Cutler and Julius Thomas. If that's not rock bottom for them, I'm not sure what is.

Of course, Cutler and Thomas are both far removed from the Broncos portion of their careers. Cutler hasn't played for the team since 2008 and spent the majority of his career in Chicago, while Thomas had a two-year pitstop in Jacksonville before landing in Miami. To paraphrase Cutler's own (alleged) motto, he probably doesn't care much about beating up on the team that drafted him all those years ago. 

But based on his celebration, Thomas might. Reminder: Thomas caught 24 touchdowns for the Broncos in 2013-14. He's caught 12 touchdowns in the three seasons since. Must be something about the Broncos that he loves.

Anyway, the Dolphins took a 16-3 in the second quarter after a pick-six. Follow along with our GameTracker here.