Chargers linebacker Chris McCain has been in the NFL for four years, and during those four seasons, he's made it a weekly tradition to surprise a random kid at each Chargers game by plucking him from the stands and taking him down to the field for a pregame VIP experience. 

Here's a video of McCain literally plucking a kid out of the crowd before a Chargers preseason game in August. 

For McCain, it doesn't matter whether the Chargers are playing at home or on the road, he carries on with his weekly tradition either way. However, McCain's tradition almost came to an end in New England on Sunday because of an overzealous security guard. 

According to McCain, a security guard at Gillette Stadium stopped the Chargers linebacker from bringing a kid on the field before the game. 

"He first told me I couldn't take him [on the field] without proper credentials," McCain wrote on Instagram. 

Of course, that makes sense. You can't just let anyone on the field, and since McCain didn't want to cause any issues, he went to get a credential for the kid. 

Unfortunately, the credential didn't end up helping things. According to McCain, the security guard still wouldn't let the linebacker on the field with the child. 

"I got the credentials and he stopped us ... and says, 'You can't walk cause you went a got a pass just for him,'" McCain wrote. "So then he grabs the kid arm and snatches the pass away from him. I told him, 'Never do that again, especially in front of me.'"

At that point, the kid started crying, but the security guard still refused to let him on the field. McCain said that he was upset with the situation because the security guard "technically assaulted this kid by grabbing his arm and snatching the pass."

Although the child didn't get to go on the field, McCain made sure to show him a good time. The Chargers linebacker met up with the child after the game and gave him the jersey that he wore during Los Angeles' 21-13 loss. 

McCain posted video of the incident, along with several pictures that you can see by scrolling through his Instagram post below.