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Cleveland Browns defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz wants to improve the team's pass rush and has a specific way he plans to up its game. Schwartz will utilize a rotation that keeps players fresh and at full speed.

"We'll play a lot of guys up front, right?" Schwartz (via the team's official transcript). "We're not just going to play four guys. We'll roll through eight, maybe even nine guys at times, trying to keep guys fresh and keep them throwing 100 mph fastballs."

Schwartz's approach is similar to baseball in that he wants a deep rotation of the defensive line. Rather than have the starter complete the entire game, he wants everyone capable enough to make an impact.

"You guys will get tired of my baseball analogies," he said. "A lot of D-line is a lot like throwing relief in major leagues now, right? Like these guys coming in from the pen, throwing 100, 101. I watched that guy from the Guardians last night and the guy from the Orioles last night. Both of them are throwing over 100. Unless you're Nolan Ryan, you can't do that stuff for seven, eight innings."

Relating it back to football, Schwartz said, "And same thing with D-line. The tempo that we want those guys to play, we want to need to rotate fresh troops in. Offensive lines don't sub, but we can. We can keep the pressure on those guys and we can play to a high standard with that depth. And that's an important part of what we do."

He believes this strategy will help them improve in the areas they struggled in last season. Schwartz is aiming to have players be comfortable at other spots, in order to give the defensive line the best chance against the opposing offense. 

"Flexibility is important for matchups in the game," Schwartz said. "Moving guys around a little bit. You'll probably see a little bit more moving guys around, maybe, than they've done in the past, but it's all about just creating good matchups and finding out what the guys can do the best."

Edge Ogbonnia Okoronkwo, defensive tackle Dalvin Tomlinson and edge rusher Za'Darius Smith are all offseason additions that will help with this goal.