The Iverson Classic announced its 24-man roster on Monday for the seventh edition of the All-America event. The showcase game will also name a 25th player at a later date, with the MVP of the 24K showcase filling the final spot.

Team designations for the 24 players selected to the 2023 Iverson Classic roster will be announced at a later date with the game expected to be played in late April.

Notes of interest:

• Duke and Kentucky lead the way with four selections each, while Connecticut, Michigan State and Oregon each have two representatives.

• Iverson Classic is the only All-American event to feature Overtime Elite players as Robert Dillingham, Jalen Lewis and Trey Parker will participate in the postseason showcase.

• Montverde Academy features three players in the event (Kwame Evans, Chris Johnson, Sean Stewart), while Camden (Aaron Bradshaw and D.J. ...

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